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The Impact of the Jesse James Nazi Photos and Bombshell Mcgee Affair

The Sandra Bullock split with Jesse James and the unfolding story of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee gets more confusing every day. The stories change at the speed of light, the ramifications of the indiscretions unfold more clearly, and none of it looks very good for anyone – particularly Jesse James after his own personal brand of Nazi photos have leaked out. What is saddest of all is recalling that in the middle of this there are four children whose lives are being involuntarily ripped apart.

Sandra Bullock has been taking the high road for the most part and commented very little on the situation publicly. The official word is that she has split her husband Jesse James, but has not made an move toward a legal separation at this point. Several sources have reported that she is waiting for things to calm down and doing some serious thinking about the future of their relationship. While Bullock has not gone on the record concerning that, given her relationship history this seems to fit the pattern she has followed previously.According to CBS News, she has moved out of the home he shared with James as her primary residence.

Jesse James has gone from a full out denial of any marital infidelity to an apology that his relationship with Bombshell McGee was reported publicly causing Bullock embarrassment – not an apology that he had an affair. Later, it was rumored he did apologize to his wife privately but decided on advice of his PR agent that putting a public apology over the wire would only increase attention and make the process more difficult as well as weaken his case should this go to divorce court.

His bigger problem is the release of some photos of Jesse James taken about two years ago in which he is wearing an SS Nazi hat pretty close to the one Bombshell McGee wore in her photos. The photos also show him in various poses including one where he is holding two fingers under his nose mimicking Hitler. Radar online and TMZ have both verified the authenticity of the photos. The owner of the photos plans to make them available online at a paysite according to the latest rumor.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has seen a reversal of fortunes in many regards and more than once. Initially when the affair was verified and her story that Jesse James duped her by saying he and Bullock were split up granted her a small degree of sympathy, albeit small given the public’s love affair with Sandra Bullock. Her website saw a tremendous amount of traffic, and early reports claimed that she was finding plenty of modeling work from primarily online venues looking to grab some quick attention by associating to her.

Then the tide turned for the unknown girl who became famous when photos of her posing in a Nazi armband and alternately holding and at times licking a dagger and gun while wearing a Nazi hat and posing in front of a swastika background made their way to the public. Court records from her child custody case with her ex-husband stated that she regularly “made the Nazi salute” and had a “W” tattooed on one ankle with a “P” on the other alleged to stand for “White Power.”  Further claims were made she also has a small swastika tattooed on her stomach which has yet to be independently verified.

That storm of negative press immediately sent Bombshell McGee down a different road. She claimed her “WP” tattoo does not stand for “White Power”, but rather signifies something of an adult and sexual nature. Aside from that, McGee is not doing as well on the work front as she had been previously. While she was not well known as a model/endorser, she did have some steady work with companies like Angry White Boy Clothing. AWBC owner Jimmy Ferrari stated in an interview with CBS News that although the WBC site did see increased traffic when the Jesse James affair became public, given the knowledge of the “Nazi” photos he cannot allow his company to be associated with her.

Ferrari intimated that even if she is just rumored to be involved with any white supremacist ideology, the rumor is enough to taint her and he and his company by association. He told CBS News point blank, “But I can’t be associated with any white supremacy nonsense.” He further stated that despite how the name of his clothing line may sound “it has nothing to do with white supremacy or racism. It just personifies me.” It is a refreshing stance when too many others were initially willing to overlook this until the public response was too negative and one person was willing to say this was unacceptable.

As things stand now, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee went from unknown, to known and hated, to known and disliked but not hated and on the brink of making some money, to known and hated and losing work. You honestly need a scorecard to keep it straight. Jesse James is mostly remaining quiet, but to this point it seems like there is no damage control or PR manipulation that will suffice to make him a personality viewers, and to some degree motorcycle enthusiasts as well, want to be tied too closely to. Sandra Bullock remains full of grace and reserved just letting the chips continue to fall and rising as far above the fray as possible.

The most difficult thing for Sandra Bullock in this is that she and Jesse James have full custody of his two children from his previous marriage to incarcerated adult entertainer Janine Lindemuller. Bullock is very attached to the children and rumor has it that if it were not for them she may have made her split from James more definitive at this point. As per Bombshell McGee’s children and her current custody battle, things cannot look good in light of all the new developments in her life. In all of this sordid mess, it is the children that are the real losers, something the offending parties in question should keep in mind in the future.