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The good life: Living for Jesus

There are many people in the world who view themselves as religious, and a large portion of that population consider themselves to be Christian. What it means to be a Christian, though, or what it means to live for Jesus, is often debated. In the year 1915, a composer named Carl H. Lowden created a piano tune for which a religious hymn would be written in 1917. Within the song “Living for Jesus” by Thomas Chisholm, based on Scripture written within the Holy Bible, people are given a guide to what it means to live for Jesus. Within the song, the vocalist agrees to surrender life to Jesus in return for the sacrifice made on the cross. Likewise, in the book of Acts in chapter 17, Paul finds himself preaching to the men of Athens about the disgrace that they bring the Lord by worshipping false idols. Within his preaching, he reasons that if somebody can be killed and raised from the dead for the sake of humanity, that it is not unreasonable to ask a few things in return.

Disciple as opposed to Christian

While the term “Christian” is used on only a few occasions within the Bible, it is not used by the people who followed Jesus Christ to describe themselves. Those who followed Jesus and lived by his words called themselves “Disciples,” a word that by definition means to embrace and assist in spreading the teachings of another. Living for Jesus, then, means learning about what it is he has taught, believing in the information which he has given you, and sharing the information with others. Among all of his teachings, the one that is given the most weight is his command for people to “love one another” in the way in which he loved the people.

Learning from the Bible

While taking to heart the teaching of Jesus himself is imperative, this in itself does not encompass the process of living for Him. While the teachings that he shared with the disciples are of the utmost importance, in order to live your life for Jesus it is also important that you continue learning. Through different books in the Bible, there are lessons which can be learned from the people who penned the verses. Each of the trials witnessed allows the reader to grow in understanding, and the true knowledge that you are never done learning or growing allows you to do your best each day to reach new goals. Part of living for Jesus is this striving that occurs each day to learn and better understand the teachings; and therefore become closer to him.

Turning death into a gift

Although many people do not equate death with anything good, with the death of Jesus came a gift. Through his demise, it is taught that people no longer have to live in fear of eternal death, so long as they hold strong to their beliefs in him. Through this gift of life, then, comes certain responsibilities. Using each day to do good deeds for others is what those do who live their lives for Jesus. By making decisions each day in a way that reflects the unconditional love that Jesus brought to his disciples, and by doing so with honor, grace and humility, ensures that his death was not in vain. Living for Jesus may not be the easiest path to follow, but it allows his followers to live in a way which brings light into their lives.