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The Gates ABC Series Supernatural Witches Paranormal Vampire Wolves Reviews

I skipped the first 2 episodes of The Gates, really being tired of the vampire craze. When my sister in law  wanted me to watch it, I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised. ABC has picked itself a winner with this new series as far as I am concerned.

The first episode was a little slow to take off, but from the time that Claire Radcliff(Rhona Mitra) took a bite out of the local contractor, things took a turn for the better. Claire along with her vampire husband, Dylan, moved to the gates for the safety of their adopted daughter Emily. With the way things have gone in the first three episodes, Claire may have them banned before long.

The Gates  has no shortage of drama, violence and even teenage angst,  in the form of Andie Bates (Skyler Samuels) and her love triangle with Brett and Charlie. The only difference being Charlie is your typical mortal, Brett is a wolf and Andy is a yet to be revealed Succubus. Add in the complications that Charlie is having with the wolf pack and you have a very interesting teen romance going on.

The leader of the wolf pack seems to be one Lukas Ford (James Preston). With his penchant for trouble and his abusive father, this should be an interesting story to watch unfold. The pack wreaks havoc outside of The Gates, which causes no end of grief for their fellow wolf and foot ball coach, who seems to always be cleaning up their messes.

Now enter The Monahan’s, Charlie’s family, Nick Monahan (Frank Grille) is the newest resident and chief of Police to The Gates, having left the big city to settle inside it’s not so secure walls, after an arrest attempt ended with him shooting and killing a suspect. Sarah Monahan (Marisol Nichols) is his adoring but sometimes perplexed wife. Murder and Mayhem soon have the chief in an uproar and Sarah wondering if this move was the best idea. This is the couple to watch, because I see them rising to the top and being one of the main focuses of the show.

The Radcliffe’s on the other hand seem a little hum drum in comparison, although with the entrance of Christian in the second episode, things  just may get more interesting. Can you say vampire triangle?

Now add in Peg Muller (Victoria Platt) and Devon (Chandra West), the good and bad witches of The Gates and you have almost the entire supernatural world covered in this one series. Look for heads to roll when these two very vindictive women finally crash head on.

In my humble opinion, ABC’s The Gates will be around for quite a while to come,  Even though the vampires don’t sparkle and the wolves don’t look like Taylor Launter,  this is a fresh and exciting look at all things supernatural.