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The Ego Matures when it Begins to allow the Learning from your Higher self to take Place

The ego takes more and more of a back seat, the more aware that you become, or in other words, when you become self realised, and so if you are living more, from your higher self. When you live from your higher self down, instead of from your ego upwards, your ego is given the chance to mature, as the love and truths wash over it  as they are being received via your soul and heart, coming to you from God.

The ego is a land in which sin grows. This happens just as much as your ego does not grow its seeds from only love, but if it grows them from anything else instead. This might include from fear, from desiring things to be different, or from wanting things, or coveting things;  in other words, being jealous of other people.

The ego is all about yourself, and putting this self first, rather than putting God’s will in your life always first. This is serving God. If you put your ego first, you are wanting things for yourself, instead of trusting God to provide you with all that you need. There is no need to ever want anything. God always provides you with all that you require. Love God first, and all other things are taken care of.

This sentiment is being expressed in this bible quote:

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

“Absence of consciousness is ego. Whenever the ego is absent, God is present.” ~Osho

The ego serves the soul when the soul is sinlessly living from love, but otherwise the ego sins by living for itself, and so yes, this could be described as unconsciously living in these terms, as being described here in the spiritual master Osho’s quote.

Here is another quote from the same master:

“Remember: ego can create misery, ego can create anguish, ego can create hate, ego can create jealousy. Ego can never become a vehicle for the divine, it can never become the passage for the beyond.”

The self can be a vehicle for God, as long as the self completely surrenders itself to God. This means that the false self, or the ego wanting its own way, must be subjugated and replaced by the following of God’s will. The will of God is only ever seen fully from the heart, which connects to God via your soul. The ego can work with you, but only as it listens to your heart. In this way, it is not putting what is coming to you from your mind first. This is about not following the first thought that comes into your head, but measuring it first against the truth that sits in your heart, and matching it to the knowledge that your higher self, or conscience is showing you.

You are always being helped in this way by your higher self. When you mature in your ego, you have begun to listen to this still quiet voice of your soul first.

It is the thoughts of the mind that influence the feelings that the ego then separates off from love in order to give it its own separate life, or separated existence. The ego itself does not really ever exist within love. Love is only ever solely just love. It is always one hundred percent pure in being itself.

As you mature in your ego, you will recognise this voice of love more and more. You will begin to look for the love that is within each and every life experience that you will ever go through. And when you look with a mature ego, you will always find the love that is there. Indeed, it is put there expressly for you to find. There is a lesson of love embedded in every experience. There is a new truth of love to understand and to take on board and to live wisely from, within every experience, that you will ever go through. This can not be emphasised too often.

It is always only ever always, always always just about love. All is love.

There is no separate self existing within oneness. But ego, or self exists, or comes into existence, when a human body is created, because the human self must work with God not only solely with itself. It must learn how to do this first though, and the ego can be a tool  and a teacher in a way, to show how to do this, and also conversely how not to do this.

The world of duality must be seen through, for what it really is.

There is no true duality, all forever remains the great oneness, that it really always, always is. This involves the maturing of both the ego, and its human self. The human self achieves this by loving God, itself ,and all others from all of its heart, soul, mind and body, and its ego must take a second seat or a back seat to all of this love, driving you forwards in its own unique way.

The ego matures when you live from your higher self. It stops living on its own, being linked to only, or predominantly only, to your mind. Self-realisation is all about living more and more from this higher self, and so it is about the ongoing growth of your soul, and this entails the maturation of your ego, at the same time. If your ego does not mature alongside of your soul, together with its human vehicle, gaining in higher spiritual truths and knowledge, you will not come to properly understand these truths, as they live in your own heart, as a part of the love that is there.

When this happens, and if you do not mature along with your ego, your ego will continue to rule you, and all of your knowledge will likely only ever remain then as head knowledge only. You can talk the talk, but you can not yet walk this talk. This means that your ego always still wants to walk you, ( i.e. to force you to walk, or to go), in its own way.

Maturity of ego can only come about by dropping pride, and by not wanting things to be different from what they are. This can happen by not always wanting things to turn out always only for your own benefit, and so always only ever in your own way.

Your ego must be humbled, or at least it must mature itself away from its own pride, and so it must learn to live in the background of love, rather than as a shadow covering over that love of God’s, and which should be fully shining in you, at all times. This glow of love only loses its full shine, as much as the false sun, the ego, wants to and tries to, do its own shining instead.

Maturity is about not wanting to go it alone, but recognising that we all work together, because we are all part of the oneness of God.

We are all in this together, and nothing can ever separate itself fully from the whole. Humble yourself to God, live from his love, and live from a mature and humble ego, for God, for all other souls, and for yourself. Love all including yourself, do not love things for themselves only. Do not separate anything from love.

The difference is that you will now live from your heart first as you, the real you, rather than from your ego first, only trying to be you, but always only ever remaining a shadow of this real self, and so shining from a reflected light, like the moon does, for the sun.

When your ego matures, all of you will shine forth from the love of God that is within you. You will live only from love, for love, and not anymore for anything other than this love, and which your previously immature ego might have previously wanted for itself.