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The Effect Cartoon Violence has on Children

When I was a younger community college student, I took a course in psychology. Our class room instructor assigned her class a special assignment: record the exact number of times violent acts occur on television cartoons. In order to successfully complete my out of class assignment. I went over to a friend’s house and told him and his friend and told them about my assignment.

The two young men, who were friends of mine, both decided that my assignment was important. After I told them about my homework assignment’s requirement, they agreed to help tally the results for me whenever I had to leave the living room.

We were shocked that the Warner Brother cartoon characters that we all knew, and loved as children were actually very violent cartoon characters. They would continually verbally, and physically assault each other under the most humorous and ridiculous situations.

What effect does cartoon violence have upon children? Violent acts of behavior are
recored ed in our conscious and unconscious minds. A magazine article’s feature writer made the following comments: “Young people who observe violent acts committed on television are much more likely to commit violent acts about 15 to 20 years latter.” They are much more likely to commit violent acts on their spouse and their children. The rise of Domestic Violent situations between family members that are reported to law enforcement agencies is increasing.

I also read in a magazine article that the Media and the Entertainment industry refuse to accept their share of responsibly for the violence in our society today. Modern society today is becoming more violent. Just watching the daily news reports on television or the Internet, is proof enough.

The Walt Disney animated cartoonists made the following statement:, “We never intended to design cartoon characters for children anyway. We originally designed them for adults…” Observing these violent acts committed by cartoons characters has been passed on to several generations.

The Media and the Entertainment industry reluctantly has provided a rating reluctantly has provided a rating system for the violent and sex in their films, and videos for example. Modern technology has provided parental blocks over certain television channels,and computer websites.

What are concerned people to do? They can join citizen action groups, contact their government officials, and express their concerns. The citizen action groups probably can be contacted by visiting their websites. Use search engines, and key in important words to locate these websites.

However as long as the people responsible for cartoon violence can make a substantial profit by doing so, violence will increase in our society.