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The Burden of being a Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign of the zodiac, often carry a heavy burden. Its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions is very fitting when applied to the personality of the Pisces male or female. But more on that later.

Generally, Pisces people have some wonderful qualities, such as sensitivity to others, a nurturing personality, loyalty, kindness, caring, dedication to helping others, and more.

In the happy Pisces, the above qualities present a person at the top of their game, one who will gladly jump in to aid anyone in any situation.

In the unhappy Pisces, these traits can be utterly submerged and instead, in their place, are moodiness, gullibility, insecurity, self-blame and doubt, fearfulness, pessimism, and an unrealistic view of the world.

It’s almost as though Pisces, being at the tail end of the zodiac, is a catch-all of many of the bad features of each of the other signs.

Getting back to the two fish, many Pisceans are torn in two directions in many aspects of their life. For instance, they are the most giving of people; however, they may put the needs of others ahead of their own until it ends up that they are resentful, when it was their own fault for letting it happen. They also tend to feel the burdens of others as painfully as their own, and can become as moody and depressed, as if those problems were their own.

Likewise, although many are very intuitive, they sometimes find themselves in the position of being taken advantage of, when they should have seen it coming all along.

The saddest thing, though, is a Pisces without love. The poor little fish lives for love and the white knight (or princess) who will come to protect them and love them back. They have deep feelings and feel worthless without such a true love. Yes, they become dependent on others, sometimes even the wrong types and may learn a harsh lesson from such associations. But being so very idealistic, do they ever really learn?

Pisceans at their worse can sink to the depths of depravity, even indulging in drink, drugs, and sex to excess. Unfortunately, they want to believe everything they are told, which, of course, leaves them wide open to hurt. When will they learn that not everyone can be trusted?

Sensitive Pisces can be vague and dreamy, almost other-worldly. They also tend, at their worse, to be secretive. They easily suffer with insomnia and nervous disorders. Despondency can be a real problem, if they don’t get their emotions under control.

For such a sensitive and loving soul to have these burdens doesn’t seem right. If those born under the sign of Pisces can begin to develop self-esteem and realize they can be independent and try to live in the real world, they have a good chance to overcome their problems and live happily ever after.