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The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth

As an American, born and raised, I would be hard pressed to move to a foreign country say Tibet and blindly agree to follow their god and customs. This is the story of Ruth. Once her husband died and his brothers she found herself in a desolate land with little promise or hope. Despite the pleas of her mother-in-law Naomi, she refused to remain in her own land which only had a promise of sorrow and despair. Yet, she didn’t have a clue what would become of her in Naomi’s native land either. The bible records that she only had heard that their god was blessing them and the land.

That first chapter is such an inspiration for me. Often times we do not know what God is doing or is up to. We have to stop out on faith and not only step out on faith, but travel with him into unknown territory that is often unfamiliar. I have had this required of me in my walk with God. Ruth stands out as my shining example of what I call blind faith.” She went to a land she was unfamiliar with to serve a god she did not know. She had nothing to lose in the process but hope itself. If it did not work out for her she was at no worst condition than she found herself at that moment. She recognized this reality and insisted on going along for the ride.

In the end we know she made a wise choice for she not only was blessed but she discovered who God is. He is a provider, a rescuer, understanding and faithful. He took her desolation and prospered her. She is the great-great-great grandmother of Jesus, all because she had hope. One can only imagine her ending if she had not went along with Naomi, the bible does not say. No doubt someone else would have fulfilled the destiny of being Boaz wife and bloodline of Jesus. What an honor she was given for believing.

Not only did God bless Ruth but He also blessed Naomi. Why, when she had originally told Ruth to remain behind. I believe because she had wisdom to allow Ruth to come and once she saw God moving through Boaz, she had wisdom to instruct Ruth in the way she should go. Naomi too was obedient to God and exercised faith. And again God was faithful.

Her lesson is ever truth to me when I am facing a new challenge in my own life. While I exercise caution in my everyday life, I can’t help but to come in compliance when I recognize the hand of God nudging me one way or another. I am reminded of God’s will not only in my life but the lives of others who I may somehow touch.

The book of Ruth holds not only a great story, but a great revelation on faith. The greatest is through our faith, God is so faithful.