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The best Jessica Biel Quotes

Ever wonder what it’s like being the sexiest woman alive? Check out the best Jessica Biel quotes and find out.

On Being the Sexiest Woman Alive

“Being sexiest woman alive definitely didn’t just open all the doors for me, which I thought it would. I thought, ‘This is going to be huge for me!’ And it really wasn’t at all.”

Perhaps it never occurred to Jessica that being the sexiest woman alive already entitles her to certain “breaks” not readily available to commoners, for example, never waiting in line, making lots of money having your picture taken and having leagues of men fawn over you. In addition, being the sexiest woman alive, contrary to what Jessica wants you to believe, opens a lot of doors – not necessarily the ones you want to enter.

On Dead Squirrels

“I’m not squeamish at all. As a child I dragged a dead squirrel home on my skateboard and cut it open and tried to look at its brain.”

In most cases dragging a dead squirrel home on your skateboard and cutting it open to see what its brain looks like makes you a psychopath. Or a future surgeon. When you’re the sexiest woman alive, it makes you eccentric.

On Rejection

“You’ve got to love this business. You have to be able to take rejection.”

Jessica’s recognition that fear of rejection is the number one obstacle to success in Hollywood has allowed her to achieve incredible things as an actress.

On Her Appearance

“There is so much pressure to look a certain way in this town. But it’s nice to have a little meat on you, and I hope I inspire women to appreciate their muscular calves.”

Don’t you love it when the sexiest woman alive laments how much pressure there is to look a certain way? Poor Jessica. And about those calves – no one’s paying attention to those curves. I will admit, however, they are nice.

On Marriage

“I don’t feel the need to settle down right now. And if I do meet somebody, I don’t feel the need for the paperwork of marriage. For me, a verbal agreement is enough. I don’t know if I want to get married.”

Men have been trying this “verbal agreement” thing since the dawn of time, and here we have the sexiest woman alive giving them permission. No paperwork. No ring. No need to even pretend to want to settle down.

On Success

“All of this excitement and success was the culmination of years of training and commitment and from being surrounded by great supportive people.”

Despite what most of us think, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Jessica appreciates and recognizes her success as a result of what she’s already done. Any successful person would agree: It takes love and support to get to the top.

On Happiness

“Smile … even when you life is at its worst, you never know when you’ll meet the one who takes your breath away!”

Cynics might argue that it’s easy to smile when you’re a famous actress, but even the sexiest woman alive has bad days. The ability to smile during those days separates the good from the great.

On Drinking Blood

“I think I could drink my own blood. Is that weird?”