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The Antichrist Imitates the Messiah

When the Son chose his disciples, he also chose one of them who was a devil and his knowledge of this fact shows that it was a deliberate choice. Judas Iscariot was chosen not for his finer qualities for discipleship but for his baser nature which would come into play when he betrayed the Son to the authorities.

The Bible doesn’t describe his reasons only the fact that he did it but I can’t help wondering if he somehow thought that with the Son out of the way, he would be able to claim the mantle of leadership and become the leader of the pack. Being paid for it was only added icing on the cake.

Like father, like son. Satan wants to be God and stand in God’s place; so did Judas also want to be him and stand in place of the Son?

If, as some claim, Jesus specially asked him to perform the betrayal to fulfil prophesy, then Judas could easily have been forgiven this sin, especially because the Son of God had the power to forgive sins. (Luke 5:21) The Scribes and the Pharisees said that only God can forgive sins, but the Son told them that he as the power on earth to forgive sins.

The Son also said that we should forgive those who sin against us as often as they do it; seventy times seven if necessary. (Matthew 18:21) Wouldn’t the Son then have also forgiven Judas and thus cleansed him of the sin of betrayal? After all, Judas had not committed the cardinal sin that could not and would not ever be forgiven. Was Judas ever forgiven? Or did Judas die before the appearance of the resurrected Son to his disciples?

Was it remorse that made Judas then go and hang himself from a tree? Or was it to mimic in some fashion, the crucifixion, so that he too might be resurrected in copycat fashion?

You see, Satan’s greatest wish is to be considered to be God and to be God; so in all that he does, he imitates and mimics God. It is not be enough for him to be himself and all that he was and is; but all that he desires is to be the Almighty or the closest imitation that he can get to.

God has a Son, who does all that the Father requires of him, even to being the Lamb of sacrifice and being resurrected by the Father. So too, Judas did what Satan required of him, in betraying the Son of God and then dying hanging from a tree, which is what the cross was fashioned from.

So too, the Beast who was [alive], is not [alive] and yet shall be present described in Revelation, is Judas, as the Antichrist standing in place of the Son having been resurrected from death, being given power, a throne, and great authority by that dragon Satan (Revelation 13:2), in imitation of what God does, as told in Matthew 28:18, where the resurrected Son tells his 11disciples that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him, which can only have been given to him by his God and Father.

The difference between the wheat and tares described in that parable in Matthew 13:24-30 is that both appear to be remarkably similar and it is very difficult to tell the difference until they ripen and reach maturity.

This is the generation that has reached that mark of maturity in age and this is why it is this generation will see the resurrected Judas appearing in imitation of the Son as Jesus Christ at his second coming, so that finally all prophecies might be fulfilled.