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Thank you Gift Ideas for Parents

Parents do so much for their children, it is hard to imagine life without them. Parents make sacrifices, that their children may not even know about, all the time. Once in a while it is a good idea to give something back to the people that love and look out for you. This is easy to say, but sometimes harder to do, simply because it is tough to choose the perfect gift. Suggested gift ideas include:

*Dinner. This is referring to something other than fast food or pizza. Crack open the wallet and take your folks out to a really nice restaurant of their choice. Make an evening of it and take them to a movie or concert before or after dinner. Another spin on this idea is to make them a home cooked meal (in your kitchen). Set a nice table complete with candles and the fine china. After dinner, play cards or a board game with them. You might be surprised how special the simple act of playing cards, will be to them.

*Photo collage/album. Create something special with this idea. Make a family history out of photos. Jot down a note about each photo and then arrange the photos and notes in a multi-slot photo frame or a really nice photo album. Wrap the album/frame in pretty paper and present this gift to your parents.

*Weekend trip. Treat your parents to nice weekend getaway (all expenses paid). Parents rarely have the opportunity to get away and enjoy being alone. This could be a wonderful surprise for parents who never to get to travel anywhere. The trick to guaranteeing complete success for this gift is to do some detective work before hand. Ask some pointed questions, about places they would like to see and things they would like to do, over the course of a month or so. Put their weekend trip together based on their answers. By doing your homework, you can surprise them with a trip they will truly enjoy.

*Family gathering. Plan a family picnic or cookout. Get all your siblings together and make a grand day of it. Your parents will really enjoy having the family together and having a good time. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and surprise your parents later on with the pictures!

*Gift basket. This gift idea is truly unique to each set of parents. Create your own gift basket with items personal to each one of your parents. Examples include: perfume, bath set, jewelry and chocolates for your mother. Sports memorabilia, cologne, CD/DVD, and cookies for your father. Be sure to include photos and a card. This is fairly easy to make: baskets can be purchased at many stores including some second hand and dollar stores. The cost of the items of course, will depend on what you get and where you get them. Arrange the items in the basket and then wrap it with pretty colored cellophane (this will keep the items from falling out of the basket) and top with a ribbon. 

The perfect gift to give your parents is closer than you think: memories. Spending quality time with your parents creates memories that will last forever (especially if you capture good times with a camera). The next best thing is give them a gift that truly comes from your heart. Say “thank you” to your parents, for all they have done and still do, with a well thought out gift.

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