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Testimonies Muslim Converts

I belong to India and was born in a Sikh family. Sikhism is a modern religion and it’s roots go way back to the 18th-19th century. Most of the teachings in Sikhism are an amalgamation of both Islam and Hinduism. In fact I would say it’s the closest religion resembling Islam, the very basic faith pertaining to One Almighty God with no form or feature. However, even though Sikhism taught One God, no idol worship, no worshiping the Gurus of the religion; I still saw many Sikhs not following this, not knowing what exactly their religion was formed of. I always felt a sense of dissatisfaction when I wanted answers to certain questions in Sikhism.

I was in the Bombay for my higher studies and I had a lot of Muslim friends and being known to them made me curious about knowing the nuances of Islam and this what lead me to the faith. I started reading the English translation of the Holy Koran. I asked questions from some well-learned people on the religion. I looked up authentic knowledge based websites of religious scholars. Slowly and steadily without realizing it I was getting attached to Islam.

I read about Hinduism and Christianity as well but again it lead me to various unanswered questions. I talked to people from some other faiths as well but could not get myself attached to their faith. And then one day I decided Islam was the faith for me and this is what I am, a Muslim. I saw websites explaining how to perform the five daily prayers, I learned the Arabic sayings with its meaning for prayers and I started fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.

My parents were never too staunch in religion and when I told them about my conversion, they never were adversed to the idea but took time to digest the whole scenario. I am glad Allah was with me and made things relatively simpler for me on the parent’s front. A lot of people in India are biased and have a negative feeling towards Muslims, their face may say another thing but if you peep in their heart, it will say another story.

I know for a fact that a lot of people were shocked by my decision of converting to Islam, some tried to put me down, some tried to change my decision, some felt it was wrong but did not have the courage to tell me, some felt I was doing under the influence of someone. However, it wasn’t always so blue… I had the support of my family, my close friends and most importantly I had Allah on my side and nothing else mattered. I could brave the worst and toughest of battles with Allah in my heart.

It’s been 2 years to my conversion and I am still learning because there is no stopping knowledge… one day inshallah I hope to learn Arabic, go for Hajj, learn more about the Prophets and religion.