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Testimonies Christian help for Troubled Teens

How do we define a troubled teen? How do we help them fight what are more often than not, invisible battles? They suffer. So how can we help them? We tell them to read their bibles, we take them to church, and we tell them to talk to their pastor or their parents about their problems. I am a troubled teen. I give advice to my friends and I share my knowledge of the Lord. So since I help others, I often wonder who is supposed to help me?

How do you define a troubled teen? From experience it is someone who has been through a lot without telling anyone. They are afraid of judgments and they fear being someone else’s burden. They are the ones you never see cry because they don’t believe crying helps. That of course doesn’t meant they don’t cry, they do. All alone. Why? A troubled teen is alone in their happiest moment so doesn’t it make sense for them to seek solitude when destruction comes?

I know that God loves me. My bible tells me so. So does my parents, and my siblings, and my Christian friends. I realize that you are supposed to go to others for help and advice. A troubled teen doesn’t trust people to help them because most of their pain was inflicted by others. Heartache. The most burdensome pain is the invisible agony. So what is the point of this article? How can it be of help to troubled teens?

This is my testimony and the thing that helped me the most was knowing I was not alone. I first realized that the whole world wasn’t out to get me when I noticed that other people suffered too. I wasn’t the only one to tell God that I would kill myself if he didn’t help me. I wasn’t the only one who put down the scissors and picked up the bible to seek out some sort of explanation and remedy for every day life. I was hurting. I was lonely. Yet I wasn’t alone.

Troubled teens should know that the whole world isn’t against them. They should not continually try to change themselves to fit in, because in the end it all backfires. Troubled teens shouldn’t turn to suicide or run away. They should talk to God. I know that is what is often said and I have often doubted that God could hear me. Yet here I am, eighteen years old, still troubled, still broken, but I’m alive. I thank God that I am alive. In just a few months I’m college-bound; a chance to start over.

Life has been hard and I don’t know what I would have done without the Lord. He is my confident. I have people I can talk to, yet I choose not to. If you are a troubled teen and you want to talk to someone I encourage you to do so. I am weak. Afraid. I wish I had the courage to tell someone I am hurting. The strength to trust someone enough to hear my troubles without telling everyone. I wish I felt secure enough to reach out and let someone hold me while I cry. Talk to someone. I wish I could, and I hear from other people’s stories that it would help.

To all of the trouble teens I beg you not to give up hope. I ask you to seek God and trust him to make everything all right. Don’t be afraid of the inevitable doubt that will fill your mind, just hold on to faith. In the end, while your crying alone in your room who else can see you but the Lord? Who else will hurt with you and for you? Trust the Lord, talk with him, and he will bless you.