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Its always a pleasure to come home from work and school, kick your feet up on the couch and see whats on or coming on tv while eating a nice dinner. My review on My Wife and Kids is a whole lot more positive than negative. Usually when I watch My Wife and Kids, I laugh real hard too most of the jokes, and “obvious, everyday humor” that you feel while watching the show. To me a Television show should never be rated on graphics, simply because on a television show, the graphics and audio all depend on what television you are watching it on. So for a television show, such as My Wife and Kids I would rate it on if its really a show to get into and has a really good humor “attitude”. I give the My Wife and Kids television sitcom show the following rating and reasons for the rating:

-Humor: The My Wife and Kids television show delivers watchers the fun, and funny sense of what many people want and need Especially when today’s economy is the way it is. you will always need that laughter though. So I give My Wife and Kids a 5 out of a 5!

-Cast: The My Wife and Kids television cast do a really well done job, whenever you watch this funny television show, you will simply find yourself laughing in the floor not just because of the strong humor, but because the life that the cast play as, is really close to how things go on in your own life, such as a reality on how to expect a teenagers attitude towards you! And how you might forget your wife’s anniversary and not getting her a present, but to find her an anniversary present while she is still asleep! I give the cast a 5 out of 5 as well.

-setting and background: As you know many television sitcom’s take place in just two to three different backgrounds and settings, The My Wife and Kids television sitcom series takes place in a lot more places than you would usually observe from other sitcom series such as “Everybody Loves Raymond”. So I would definitely give the My Wife and Kids television sitcom series background and setting an awesome 5 out of 5! Now thats one heck of a show! I give My Wife and Kids an overall, television sitcom series rating of a whopping 5 out of 5! This is definitely the type of show you want to always look forward too!

-Personal Recommendations: When I get bored and there is nothing to watch, and had a hard day working or going to school, there should always be some sort of other sitcom series available for you to watch. If you have a personal computer….you can just visit hulu.com or some other Internet television site and find My Wife and Kids as well as watch the show for free!