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Television Reviews ABC Family

There was something oddly familiar about this series – oh, that’s right. As I started watching it, I started having flashbacks of watching those cheesy after school specials. You know, the ones that say, “Never have sex!” and “Don’t do drugs!” with no other explanation other than it was just plain wrong.

This show follows that suit. While it’s not quite as cheesy as those specials we all remember and dearly love, it still had that edge to it. The show follows Amy Juergens (played by Shailene Woodley) as a teenager who made the mistake of having casual sex and finds she is pregnant.

I will say in simple words, it is a good show, despite somewhat mediocre acting talent of some of the cast that gives the show it’s slight corniness. And sometimes it’s not as realistic as what we see in real life on a daily basis, but it is a good concept nonetheless. It is a better, more family-oriented program than the movie sensation “Juno” was. What makes it even better is that the character of Amy is nothing more than the average teen. Of coarse in the background you have all the basic cliques of high school; the easy girl, the jock, the goody-goody, and the two friends of Amy who are like the good and bad conscience you see sitting on the shoulders of cartoons characters. Even as clique as it was, it still held an appeal I can’t explain. I will be sticking with this show if only to find out what happens to Amy. I’ve primarily been hooked by the fact that she is dating a guy who has already proclaimed his love for her without knowing she is pregnant by another guy. Also hooking me is Amy’s proclamation that, “It never happened,” as if she can hide a baby growing in her womb. Curious to see how that sentiment’s gonna work out for her.

And while I’m not an adequate viewer of the ABC Family Network, it surprised me to see a Viewer Discretion notice at the beginning of the show. Yes, some topics were a little risqu but nothing compared to real life and what teens hear on a day to day basis. But perhaps the warning was enough to pique the interest of young viewers. You know, teens are always wanting to see things that have warnings on them. And while I don’t know for sure if it still works, I can only hold out hope that this type of media actually does work to change the minds and behaviors of at risk teens.

The Secret Life of an American Teenager airs on the ABC Family Network on Tuesdays at 8/7c.