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Taurus with Cancer Relationship Compatibility and Taureans and Cancerians Love Match

If you are a Taurus in a relationship with a Cancerian, this relationship does have a lot going for it. You like security and stability and since security is also a very strong priority in your Cancerian partner’s life, you will meet each other on a par here. Basically you will each want the same from life and working together to achieve these ends will be a pleasure you will both enjoy.

So, in many ways this could be a perfect romance. You are serious and passionate about love and so will be your Canerian partner. Cancer is sensitive, caring, reliable and constant. He or she understands you through and through.

When you need someone to talk to, Cancer is there to listen. If you need some peace, Cancer will be a quiet and undemanding companion. Your Cancerian’s taste in music, art and entertainment is similar to your own. You enjoy doing the same things, watching the same television programmes and eating those wonderfully romantic meals you like to cook for each other. – Preferably in candlelight with soft music in the background.

This is romance with a capital R. Cancer is a careful, cautious and home-loving Sign and your Cancerian partner will be more than happy to spend cosy nights around the fire if this means saving a little money. Yes, in this relationship I see a couple of home-loving souls. You enjoy comfort and beautiful surroundings.

Your partner will appreciate the security that you can provide. But you will need to be careful not to dent Cancer’s sensitive nature. You may not always understand your partner’s sudden changes in mood.

You might even notice that certain moods coincide with certain phases of the Moon. And when there is a Full Moon, your Cancerian partner is likely to be especially tense and irritable. Nonetheless, you will be able to adapt to this side of your Cancerian’s nature. You get on well together most of the time and better still, you are both loving, sensual and demonstrative in bed.

Cancer has a bit of a delicate nature in that he or she is warm, sensitive and kind-hearted. With the right lover, Cancer will come out of their shell and you could be surprised at the depth of his or her personality. You might not have realised that Cancerians have such a wonderful sense of humour. Often you will feel pleasantly relaxed in your lover’s company.

Cancer is also an emotional sign and probably if the Taurus partner is the male one this relationship will be even better. For Cancerians can be subject to swift changes of mood and in this respect your partner will need some understanding. You probably have to gear yourself towards treading on tiptoes whenever your partner is in one of their ‘sensitive moods’ but this shouldn’t be any hardship and a basically compatible relationship.

Cancerians are faithful. When they make vows, they don’t do so lightly. There’s no sign more tenacious than those born under the Crab and you’ll admire and appreciate that side of your partner’s personality.