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Tarot Card the Starmeaning of the Star Tarot Cardinterpetation for Star in Tarot Reading

Happiness, a feeling of well-being and the rewards of past hard work are likely when the Star appears in a Tarot spread.

The Star is one of the most favourable cards in the tarot pack, and when it appears in a spread, all the other cards tend to pale into insignificance! It represents the goals that are hoped to be achieved. The person for whom the Star appears can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and they’re about to reach their target.

This card brings rewards for special efforts. Even a wish come true. Everything will look so much brighter and more optimistic now, according to this card. Harmony will be restored where there has previously been discord.

The Star is a glowing card suggesting hope, unexpected help, a gift or a promise. After storms there is sometimes a rainbow. Every grey cloud has a silver lining and in the Tarot, it is the Star which brightens the picture.

Associations with the Star Tarot Card

This is a most positive card, associated with the achievements of ambition and it offers hope for the querent if they are currently low. The influence of The Star is truly beneficial and long-lasting, bringing promises that are sure to be fulfilled.

Someone who was born between January 21st and February 21st features in this reading. The querent could possibly be making arrangements with this person – who, incidentally is an Aquarian – in the near future. There is also some kind of recognition that is due to them.

The Star in a Tarot Reading

With regard to worries about anything in the future, then no matter what the other cards have to say, the Star suggests that things will start to go well. Indeed, new projects or new jobs will bring great happiness. Also, if the querent is worried about a test or examination, again if they’ve done all their homework, there shouldn’t be anything to fear.

The Star Tarot Card and Romance

If they are single, the love and affection they currently yearn for will soon enter their life. Benefits are about to appear and these will bring contentment and happiness. So if life has been difficult, or they’ve not been dealing with the easiest of people, harmony and tranquillity lies ahead of them.

This reading also promises rewards for special efforts of the past. If they are about to undertake some form of test or examination, or they are waiting for the results of something similar carried out in the past, then hard work will surely bring its just rewards.

Reversed Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

When the Star card is reversed in a spread life there may be some dissatisfaction and a feeling as if current responsibilities are taking the querent nowhere. The person is feeling a little sad about a current situation or future possibilities aren’t entirely what they expected.