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All about ‘South Park’ Episode 201

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone certainly seem to enjoy being controversial and, following the televisation of episode 201, they may just have topped any past attempts to be outrageous. During the broadcast, many viewers noticed a number of audio bleeps throughout and the “South Park Studios” website has …

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“Appa! Yip! Yip!” Are the words 12- year old Aang says in the hit animation Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show airs on Nickelodeon but it surprised me because this cartoon has a “mature” feel to it, while remaining warm and relateable to all ages. So what is the appeal …

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Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is a great show about the unlikely mix between geeks and beauties. The show primarily takes place on the third floor of an L.A. apartment where a beautiful but financially struggling waitress (Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco) moves in across the hall from a  pair of advanced …

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Chuck Season 2 Review

The second season of famous American TV show “Chuck” was first aired on NBC, on September, 2008. There are twenty-two episodes in second season, and Zackary Levi played the title role of “Chuck Bartowski”. Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz created this spy/thriller/comedy TV show back in 2007 but first season …

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TV Show Reviews Flavor of Love

Flavor of Love shows how someone can not have the best looks, but win the hearts of women with his money and fame. Flavor Flav is not one of the most attractive men in the world, but he has a great personality which increases his chances in the entertainment industry. …

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