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TV Show Reviews the Pickup Artist

There has been a gaggle of deliciously seedy reality T.V. shows on VH1 as of late…I’ve seen the leftovers from 90s boy bands shake their old, fat, drunk bums on Mission: Man Band, I’ve watched Bret Michaels and his perpetual stiffy get doted over by some skanky chicks on Rock …

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Lost Theories on the Plot

What’s happening in Lost? The amount of theories out there is amazing, but they seem to be fitting together (finally!). First of all, we know where the polar bears came from. The Dharma Initiative(DI) hatch on the smaller island had a bear cage, and polar bears can swim. The “Others” …

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Bbc TV Show new Tricks

Take three celebrated character actors who have reached retirement age, get them to play three police detectives who have actually retired, write them scripts with lots of character and a good dose of humour, and you could have a winner. In the case of the BBC TV series “New Tricks”, …

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A Review of the Boondocks

This paper is a post-modern critique of the cartoon television series, The Boondocks, focusing especially on the ninth episode, “Return of The King.” The Boondocks is a cartoon on the cartoon networks “Adult Swim.” It is appropriately put into the adult programming because of gratuitous use of foul language, especially …

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A brief History of Greys Anatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’, used to be fresh with talented new actors, and a catchy title (if you don’t think it’s catchy, you obviously don’t get it). The dramatic story lines and the dry comedy in the writing has fewer flaws than most shows, making “Grey’s” one of the most entertaining shows on TV. …

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