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TV Show Reviews Scrubs Season 9

I have to admit that hearing the premise of “Scrubs” as a “funny doctor show” didn’t really do it for me. It took me a while to come around and actually watch an episode, and from that point, I was hooked. The casting was brilliant, the storyline engaging, and the …

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Why you shouldn’t Watch Television

Is television worth watching?  The short answer is ‘No’.  Television is robbing people of their lives in so many ways it’s startling.  It is causing shortened life spans, stunted intellectual growth, and a lot of personal debt.  People know this.  They know this and yet they still keep watching every …

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Reality television often reflects true life

Reality television does reflect reality. The reality that in today’s society, one only gets what one is willing to pay for in all aspects of consumerism. If television networks can churn out low budget, uncreative programming and continue to attract advertising sponsors and high numbers of viewing audiences, why would they …

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Anime Reviews Romeo x Juliet

“Romeo X Juliet” is the latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famous romantic play called “Romeo and Juliet.” However, this is very much adapted into a popular Japanese anime series that is still ongoing. The storyline and concept is very much original despite the influences it has from the actual Shakespearean …

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Farewell Ugly Betty April 14 2010

* Spoiler Alert! * The Ugly Betty finale has been awaited with bated breath – will Betty and Daniel end up together? Or will Betty take the job in London that she’s always dreamed of? The episode opened with a familiar TV scene – plenty of black clad, umbrella holding …

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