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Charlie Brown Christmas

When my son was a pre-schooler, we watched a video of A Charlie Brown Christmas a lot. So much so, in fact, I decided to become a student of the piece. (It was either that, or smash the video with a hammer out of frustration.) It’s an incredibly endearing and …

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TV Show Endings

When a television show reaches its inevitable finale, we hope that the final episode gives us the pay off we deserves. In recent years fans have become more and more mortified at shows having no conclusion (due to being axed) or in the case of Lost, feeling robbed when the …

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The best Kid TV Shows in 2009

1. Sesame Street (PBS) celebrates its 40th birthday in 2009. The program has been by far the most popular and influential children’s TV show ever. Its Muppet characters of Elmo, Big Bird. Bert and Ernie and the Cookie Monster have been welcomed into American homes for decades. It isn’t just …

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Rock and Roll TV Shows of the 1960s

Shindig was the first and a first- a prime-time rock music show that live performances (the music and vocal tracks were actually recorded a day (or two) before the “live taping” and then a live “walk-through” during the afternoon taping; the actual show was performed before a live audience early …

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Reality TV and the children within

It’s becoming more and more popular to have children be the stars of reality TV. Whether it’s looked upon as exploitation or just general fun, one thing is for sure, many people love to watch these shows. Would you have your child on display for all the world to see? …

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Top 90s Cartoon Theme Songs

There is something very comforting and almost exciting about the theme song to a good cartoon. It can take you from the dreary reality of day to day life and whisk you back to when you were a child and you lived for your favourite programmes. The 90s produced what …

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