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TV Network Reviews Food Network

Rachael Ray and I stand in her Food Network kitchen and she actually allows me to carry ingredients from the refrigerator to the counter without her assistance. I think she was testing me to see if I too could carry an insane amount of things in my two hands. I …

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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles

Adapting a blockbuster film to television is a rare occurrence, and when it happens, it usually doesn’t work. Thankfully, the producers of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” do not try to duplicate the special effects and roller-coaster action of the “Terminator” film series. That may sound like a bad thing, but …

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TV Commentary Kids Nation or Survival for Kids

“Kids Nation” promised to be an interesting experiment – children rebuilding a community all by themselves. I looked forward to the first episode with great expectations. The first few days the children struggled with all the obstacles before them with amazing endurance and cooperation, through tears and homesickness they were …

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Reality Television – Proud

In all honesty reality TV has been good to me. You see being thirty years old I have seen the very first Reality show the Real World. More than twenty seasons later you can still catch me watching the newer cast members and even catching the rest of the spin …

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Boone Carlyle Lost

Boone Carlyle was one of the original characters in ABC’s hit television show, Lost. Although his time on the show was short, he is still one of the most loved and well remembered characters. Played by Ian Somerhalder, Boone Carlyle appeared in a further eight episodes after his untimely death …

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TV Show Reviews Exes and Ohs

Exes and Ohs is a lesbian dramatic comedy airing on Logo, MTV’s gay network, as well as on Showcase in Canada. It is about this group of friends, and the highs and lows of their every day lives, including-of course-a lot of relationship drama. It stars Michelle Paradise as Jennifer, …

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