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An Introduction to British Soap Operas

British soap operas are the viewing of choice for around half the population of the UK – or so it would seem.  Everyone seems to be talking about the latest goings-on in Albert Square (Eastenders), Weatherfield (Coronation Street) or Hotton (Emmerdale). ‘Coronation Street’, the Daddy of British soap operas, debuted …

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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, only 24 years old, is one of today’s hottest actresses. Just like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seyfried started her career in television, appearing in popular daytime soap operas while still a teenager.  She first was an uncredited extra in “Guiding Light,” but then landed the part of ‘Lucy Montgomery’ …

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TV Show Reviews all of us

Will Smith and Jada Pickeet-Smith,are not only A- List celebrities, but have also been blessed with the talent to create unbelievable story lines that were successful for, four seasons. The TV show “All Of Us”, is anything but an ordinary, family sitcom. A divorced couple with a son, through in …

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Dog the Bounty Hunter

The Show The show is about a family named the Chapmans and they are bounty hunters in Hawaii and Denver and they aim to catch villains who have either skipped bail conditions or gone missing altogether. The family is run by a father named Dog Duane Chapman and his wife …

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Superman vs Batman Philisophically

Superman began in the early days as a champion of the people. He would do anything to keep those who were weaker or couldn’t fight back protected from injustice. Superman’s method’s however were often exactly what he fought, bullying. Superman evolved into a model of law, order, and justice. He …

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The Liveliest Crew on the Deadliest Catch

            The Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch boasts some of the highest Nielson ratings for a reality TV show of all time and has acquired a very large and loyal fan base.  Many of these fans never miss an episode.  The ratings and cult-like following are attributable, not for the …

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