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TV Show Reviews Greys Anatomy

I remember the days when Grey’s Anatomy used to be a good show. Do you? Come, reminisce on good times with me! All the characters were in their own ways lovable, despite being just a tad bit insane. Meredith, the seemingly slutty namesake who was sleeping with a boss. Christina, …

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Soap Opera Status

Romance, passion, and excitement are all qualities that viewers look for in a soap opera. Reality and fantasy are often blended in soap opera storylines to the delight of some viewers and to the dismay of other viewers. Not every soap opera is alike, but there are some common themes …

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TV Review Big Brother UK

Love it or hate it, this controversial television programme is in its ninth year and still pulls in regular viewers for Channel 4. Big Brother first hit our TV screens in 1999, when the idea of locking ten strangers in a house for the entire summer seemed ludicrous (and probably …

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Favorite Classic TV Shows for Kids

My favorite classic kid’s shows were fun shows that my children enjoyed while they were growing up. These shows taught lessons but still entertained, and you didn’t feel like you had to worry about what your children were watching. They even were interesting to me. I have listed a few …

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Spongebob Characters

Spongebob is a modern cartoon classic. The show is original, and completely unique to any other kid’s television show. Where else can you find a nautical yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple? Nowhere, of course! The show is short, usually only 12 minutes an episode, but it always manages …

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