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Doctor who the Beast below

For 2010 the budget for Doctor Who was quite substantially cut, and to be fair you’ll notice this more in The Beast Below than any other episode.  But despite its extreme corner cutting, the story stands head and shoulders above the first outing for the fifth series. Having boarded the …

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TV Show Reviews Moral Orel

Asides from “Robot Chicken”, “Moral Orel” is a great way to revive the art and craft of claymation. It’s nothing like Robot Chicken, but that is the great thing about Moral Orel. Moral Orel is a pretty funny cartoon in its own right. Asides from watching Robot Chicken, I do …

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TV Show Reviews Meerkat Manor

Meerkat Manor is not a programme I watch religiously but one I enjoy immensely when I manage to catch it on whilst channel hopping. It is a documentary about Meerkats as you may have guessed but it seems to be so much more than a wildlife representation of an amazing …

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Television sitcoms are great in general; they are presented in bite-size, short episodes, are humorous and perfect for relaxing. I have three favourite sitcoms, all of which I have discovered in the past few years and which I have watched many times over. “Frasier” the successful spin-off from “Cheers” is …

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TV Televion Society – No

In the UK, television is soulless and unimaginative. Channel 5 used to show Nascar, NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL and NBA. Baseball has been totally scrapped, the Ice Hockey presentation has gone to highlights from the night before and now probably won’t be back. I think they will hang on to …

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Weeds Season 2 Review

I got hooked on the American black comedy series ‘Weeds’ after one episode, and ploughed through Season 1, only for it to end on one of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen – I won’t spoil it for you now incase you’ve not seen Season 1, but it does need to …

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