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Atomic Bombs and Neutron Bombs

Nuclear weapons come in two basic forms. The first kind is a weapon that produces its explosive energy solely through nuclear fission reactions. These are known as fission bombs. At one time, these weapons were called atom bombs or A-bombs, which is a misnomer, since the energy for the reaction …

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Talking to God

Getting God’s attention is easier than Him getting ours. When a loving thought crosses your mind, don’t let it pass without giving it back to him. Look up to the sky, or to whatever you see when you feel His omnipotent presence, and exclaim, “I love You”.You can elaborate, if …

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How Numerology Works

Human beings have always sought meaning and order in life. We manifest this desire in countless different practices: religion, hobbies, astrology, and more. One of the most lasting and popular of these attempts to understand the meaning of life and the path of our destinies is numerology. Numerology is one …

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Hell Heaven Revelations Hades Jesus – Real

Hell is a real place with metaphors used to paint a descriptive picture of it. Unfortunately many believers see the metaphors as being an accurate description of Hell. In the bible belt, hell has been described as a place of hellfire and brimstone so long it widely believed to  be literally just that.    Many of …

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Intelligent Design

Our Universe is a wondrous and magnificent existence that science is gaining constant new information about. Up to recent time, science has claimed that God and the spirit world cannot be lab tested or studied. Science hasn’t claimed that God doesn’t exist. This is what some claim. Yet, recent findings …

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Where is God?

Spiritual beings such as God and angels do not have matter as an integral part of their being, and so they do not occupy a specific space. God is in essence a spiritual, immaterial being. Thus, it is not possible to answer the question “where?” about God in the same …

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