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A new season for the Church

Many ages have dawned and set in the history of the Church. What began as a small community of 120 people awaiting the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has spread across the globe to include millions of people. Despite the many seasons of the Church, something is remarkably different about …

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Remedies for Colds and Influenza

When the nose drips, and the body shakes, and the head feels like it is about to explode, this is one great time to search for relief. While home remedies will not cure a cold or influenza, they do help to make them more bearable. Honey and lemon This remedy …

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How Music Affects a Persons Energy

Music has a big affect on a person’s energy field in a number of ways.  Music can not only send a person back to the past, but in doing so, can really set up their mood for the rest of the day. A certain piece of music can really send …

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Crystal Healing Sunstone Gemstones

Sunstone is a bright orange gemstone that resembles its namesake the sun. Sunstone is a bright orange gemstone with iridescent sparkles. The orange gemstone exhibits sparkling colors when viewed from different angles. The sparkles come from inclusions of copper, goethite, hematite or pyrite. The color of sunstone may be orange, peach, yellow, …

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Numerology the Significance of the Number 7

Mathematics is an invention, and a type of language of mankind. Do the numbers themselves have any special spiritual significance, for example the number seven, what does it mean? The spiritual science of numerology says that they do. Numerology has methods of calculating certain numbers that relate to your name, …

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Crystal Healing Opal Healing Gemstones

Crystal healing: Opal healing gemstones Opals traditionally have long been stones of ill omen.  Many people still will never have one of these stones in any jewellery that they will wear.  So whenever you want to use one of these stones in healing work on another person it may be …

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