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Movie Reviews Tail Lights Fade 1999

Tail Lights Fade (1999) Starring Breckin Meyer, Jake Busey, Tanya Allen, Denise Richards, Lisa Marie, Elizabeth Berkley, Jaimz Woolvett, Jason Mewes, Ben Derrick, Douglas Hardwick, Marcus Hondros, Tristen Leffler, Tyler Labine, Gordie Giroux, Sean Campbell, Chris Hagel. Directed by Malcolm Ingram. Running time: 88 minutes Rating: R (Nudity) “You’re pathetic!” …

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Great Cgi Films

While many people may think of James Cameron when discussing CGI, the earliest examples of CGI actually date back to the early 1970s with movies such as ‘Westworld.’ Other uses of CGI were used in the mid 1980s, such as ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’, and of course, more notably in ‘The …

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New Seinfeld Show – Yes

Looking back on the history of Seinfeld, there is one thing I regret, and that is that I never got to see the original idea: Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld simply hanging out, talking about different things. While the Seinfeld show turned out to be about nothing, I believe the …

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Movie Reviews Meet the Browns

What I love most about all of Tyler Perry’s plays and movies are that they are real true depiction’s of the everyday struggles for blacks. It was 2005 when I first introduced to Mabel Simmons, while watching Tyler Perry’s play “Madea goes to Jail”. I was instantly hooked on the …

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Evangelism Fraud

Marjoe (1972) Starring Marjoe Gortner, Sarah Kernochan, Howard Smith. Directed by Sarah Kernochan, Howard Smith. Running Time: 88 minutes. Rating: PG “Its your reasonable service to give every dime you can to the lord!” This documentary/expose tells the story of gregarious and charismatic Marjoe Gortner who started his preaching of …

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Movie Reviews Bobby Deerfield

Dave Grusin’s sometimes jazzy and often emotional soundtrack may be the only saving grace for Al Pacino’s obscure 1978 film Bobby Deerfield. Released for the first time on DVD in 2008, this is one of Sydney Pollack’s lesser known movies, and rightfully so. With picturesque countryside cinematography and inside-the-cockpit video …

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