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What is a Cult Religion

A cult religion is broadly defined as one practicing and preaching beliefs considered outside the mainstream thought of a culture.  Given this definition, many movements of the present day could be classified as cults.  However, relatively few of them are potentially destructive in nature. A destructive cult is one in …

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Best Ways to Deal with Anger

Do you find yourself getting angry easily or more often than you would like? I would like to offer a few tips on controlling the anger before the anger controls you. I would rather see you let that person pass you on the road than for you to end up …

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Tara Buddhist Buddism Buddhahood Bodhisattva

Understanding the Tara can be a challenging quest. In some schools of Buddhism she is known as a female Bodhisattva, or enlightened being of compassion and action. Other schools refer to her as one who represents success in endeavors.  Sometimes the Tara is looked as more of a symbol deity …

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Who are the Modern Day Church Fathers

This is a fascinating question. The original Church Fathers were the leaders that came after the Twelve Apostles. Their ministry and influence carried the Church for several hundred years. These men provided guidance and direction and helped to formulate theology as well as a framework for organization in the Post-Apostolic …

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Best Humphrey Bogart Movies

Humphrey Bogart had a famed career and is one of the most iconic actors in the history of Hollywood motion pictures.  Bogart, usually portraying a smart-talking and slick gentleman sporting bow ties, was the son of a surgeon and magazine illustrator.  Following a stint of managing a stage company, Bogart …

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