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Bill Mumy Biography

While perhaps not one of the most recognizable names or faces in Hollywood Bill Mumy is one of showbiz’s biggest success stories. The red-headed lad first found stardom as a child actor when he portrayed a very young Will Robinson in the hit television series ‘Lost In Space’, then after …

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Top 5 Drew Barrymore Movies

Drew Barrymore has been entertaining audiences since she was seven years of age, in her scene stealing role of “Gertie” in “E.T. Since then she has gone through many personal troubles, widely publicised romances, and some so-so acting roles. However, in recent years she has proved herself to be a …

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Winters Bone Review

Winter’s Bone is the story of a girl/young woman (Jennifer Lawrence) somewhere in the backwoods of the Ozarks who has taken upon herself the responsibility of caring for her two young siblings, since her mother has pretty much gone insane and withdrawn from the world, and her father’s a lowlife …

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Movie Reviews Bee Season

I’m not sure if I am a bit burnt out of spelling bee movies, but for some reason Bee Season just didn’t really connect with me at all. I have been quite curious to see the new Richard Gere picture for quite some time since a good friend of mine …

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Movie Reviews Noelle the Movie

Today I went to the show and saw a movie that will probably go unnoticed by many. It’s entitled Noelle. I occasionally shed a tear at the theater, but I don’t usually blubber uncontrollably like I did at this one. It’s a low budget, hardly publicized movie, with a touching …

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Anime Reviews Peach Girl

“Peach Girl” is a twenty-five episode Japanese anime series that is directed by Hiroshi Ishiiodori and produced by Studio Comet, with its original run starting from January 8, 2005 until June 25, 2005. It had originally aired on TV Tokyo. The North American license has been obtained by FUNimation Entertainment, …

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