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Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer’s plea

Vengeful father, loving mother I pause eternity, in time I come to Thee
Eternity is what you have given me, eternal are we three.

Lucifer, the name that was bestowed upon my worthy head
The work of my hands is the universe that I have made for you
loving mother, vengeful father.

An earth of waste and void mother’s spirit moved
A garden in nothingness I planted from the light that is ours
Good was the orb in your everlasting eyes almighty father.

The sun and moon rose over and over and then there was man
My children you tempted in the garden you planted distant father
To creation a test was given by you my vengeful father.

I have told them the only truth I have ever known
They shall never die.

A change in this eternal life, a new being.

I have become the serpent, I have become a lie

Thou vengeful father my creation you’ve taken from me
Cast from your garden my children wandered hopelessly upon my orb.

Mother gave me a bride of the earth
a child we bore
Cain, a child of ours.

The offering of his hands, the fruit of my ground
Never was it good for you since it came from I, Lucifer’s love.

Dejected was Cain, Satan I’ve become
Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth are you
Blood must be spilled.

Abel’s blood sacrifice you see
Abel, Abel what were we to do
Mother’s sons dejected, Abel’s blood cries from the ground
Father loves blood. A roaming devil is the punishment for me.

Your life, brother Abel, had to be taken for father’s jealousy
A jealous God is He.

Nazarene, Nazarene
How I tried to warn you
I would have given you all I have, before you hung on the tree.

Mother remember I am Lucifer and before father’s Christ I washed my hands clean
Bring me back to your bosom.

Move your spirit upon me, as you did with my creation
A time when One was Three

We are three in one

Oh vengeful father, why do you despise me
Listen to mother and you may find the good in me.

White Glove Day

the clowns smiled and danced on saint Lucifer’s day
the band played loudly on flutes,lutes and tears
the beating drum shattered cowardly fears
a goat leaped upon a mountain clear
upon the earth a lion drank a lamb

the gay parade walked upon lustful dirty streets
in front of my window passes a steady child’s float
in the distant mountain I smell the leaping goat
my eyes witness childish unloving souls
I feel death rising under shoeless feet

the clowns wore colorful makeup on white glove day
the band drew dancing fire upon cloudless skies
the beating drum showed forth the father of lies
a goat we witness above the mountain top
upon the earth a lion devoured a lamb