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Swiss Ban on new Mosque Minarets what Muslims should do

Having to pass a referendum to ban the minaret is a mockery to the system as the Swiss have been known to be tolerant of many things and in this issue, being politicized by the leftist and rightist. However, having lived in United Kingdom for past 15 odd years, Britain was previously like that, the white people have discriminated against other religions including Islam and many others, but things have changed since then and it will take time and community inception to get things going.

The Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad dictates that we should not bother the neighbors, for respecting them is similar to respecting our own beliefs. That we have to care for our neighbors more than for our own relatives for they are the one who will care for us in dire need first and that we should spread the word of God to them or at least start by smiling as a charity. In looking to UK, specifically those small community mosques in London, Kent and Bedfordshire, despite the large presence of the Muslim community and immigrants, many mosques do not have a minaret. A minaret is an architectural design incorporated into the Arab world , where the Muadzim will climb on the tower to sound the call of the Azan, similar function of a watch tower in Gothic and Gaelic structures, where that also serves as a lookout tower. Now, with people being very much advanced and knowledgeable, there is no need to check and see if the prayer time is in by looking at the sun dial, but simply looking at the watch on the wrist. The congress will know when to arrive,usually 5-10 minutes before time to do the obligatory extra prayers while waiting for the Muadzim to call for the Azan in the hallway.

Here in Malaysia where predominantly Muslim country, have issues with the misuse of the minaret, where the non Muslims are tolerant of the Azan, but not the whole morning recitation of the Quran and sermons during the dawn prayers, which are broadcast  through the loud speakers mounted on the minarets. Even as a Muslim, I would get annoyed as I could not perform my prayers in peace, or go back to sleep after that because of the broadcasts. It caused protests and street marches in Malaysia and I don’t want that kind of extremism taking place for these people are blindly misled by the preachers and clergymen who don’t understand the inner workings of Islam, it’s history, it’s own surroundings and such and instigated by hate of other religion which is wrong and sinful for Allah commanded that “We must let the non believers at peace if they have nothing against you (aggression) ” and that” their religion is for them, and yours is for you” which basically teaches of peace and harmony.

What we can do is pray for the better, lobby to let the believers at peace and in doing so, integrate themselves into the community better, rather than finding fault and creating chaos. A mosque is still a mosque without the minaret, for it takes 44 people to fulfill the requirement of the Friday prayers and sermon, and as long as it’s clean and does not give problems to others, face the Kaabah, pray  where it is allowed so as it won’t inconvenience others. For the house of Allah is not in buildings but in congression with ourselves and at peace.