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Survivor Tocantins Characters

Survivor 18: Tocantins Character Analysis

This week was a bye-week for the castaways of Tocantins, Brazil. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the new Survivor cast. I always feel a bit odd calling them contestants since Survivor has kind of moved by the way most reality TV shows have; focusing on the drama and less on the game. Nevertheless, let’s get down to the most noteworthy Survivors.

In episode 1, we meet Sandy. And for all practical purposes, I rejoiced when I thought she was going to home. I mean, how obnoxious can you be? Any more, I think that there are 2 contests going on, the title of Survivor, Tocantins Survivor, and the title of Survivor, Tocantins worst villain. Ever since Johnny Fairplay took Survivor villanhood to the next level, we’ve seen contestants vie for the infamous title of Worst Survivor Villain ever. It’s one of the reasons that reality TV is tanking in my household, too much made up drama.

Anyway, Sandy stays, much to my chagrin. And then we meet sweet little Sierra. I think that she is supposed to be the replacement for Sugar, but she just doesn’t have the chops. Sugar was cunning and smart and only played the role of damsel in distress when it furthered her position in the game. Sierra uses the damsel in distress vain as her overall strategy, which drives me nuts. She is smarter and stronger than that, but is afraid to let anyone know. I think that it makes her a huge target for elimination.

Taj, what can I say about Taj? She’s smart, witty, outspoken, and rich. Wait a minute; did I say rich? Yep, she let the cat out of the bag on that one. She’s the wife of Eddie George, pro NFL player. Not to mention, her bio on cbs.com mentions that she was in an 80s band, so when I looked that up, she was a member of SWV. For all of you that remember back that far, they were pretty popular for a couple of years. Well, all of those qualities make for having a huge target on your back, and yet she has managed to keep on. I hope that she makes it all the way, but I fear that her outspokenness will be her ultimate downfall.

Brendan, he’s smart, good-looking, charismatic and smart. He’s already looking long term with regard to building relationships by making an alliance with the other side, but he hasn’t been discreet enough about it. The others are starting to worry. Will his networking be his ultimate downfall?

Coach has got to be the most annoying, fake player I have ever seen. Has he even been camping before? He certainly has the look of someone who appreciates the outdoors regularly, competes in recreational sports, and has a certain kinship with nature, but when any of these qualities is tested he always seems to come up short. And he wants to lead, I mean, have we heard anything else from him? He apparently doesn’t watch Survivor very often to learn that leader don’t always equal winners.

Stephen. There’s not really much to say about Stephen. Taj and Brendan are trying to pull him into their alliance, and he’ll think about it, if it saves his tail. He’s not above selling someone out to stay in the game and nobody has picked up on it yet. Stephen will probably have some staying power, though I think he’ll be found out before the merge.

J.T. This guy has my vote for winner as well. I was afraid that his accent and simple way of looking at things would make us Southerners look a bit slow, but J.T. has emerged as a frontrunner in this competition. If J.T. isn’t voted out as a threat and makes it to the individual challenges, he has a real shot of taking this thing home.

As far as some of the other characters, most aren’t really memorable to me. They are followers and sacrificial lambs for tribal. Survivor Tocantins has the making for being a really great season if the tribes make some good strategic votes and removes the more annoying elements. I know that I’ll be around for Survivor 19.