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Superstition Luck Good Luck Bad Luck Black Cats Mirrors Ladders Wiccan

Superstitions. It surrounds us at all times, whether we realize it or not. It was just two weeks ago that my family and I buried an elderly family member. My father and I were off to one side together, talking about the shared interest we had on the dates of some of the older headstones when one of the superstitions I take very seriously reared its head. I have always had a firm belief that a graveyard belongs to the dead. During the day, the living are welcome to mourn and be respectful, but at night the specters of the dead own the graveyards. This is a taboo superstition that several cultures share. Places where the dead have been buried, or where the dead in question have died, have always been strictly treated areas. Then, there are the classic superstitions. That of mirrors, ladders, and cats. Mirrors have dozens of superstitions circling them. The most popular being that if you break a mirror then you are plagued with seven years bad luck. Mirrors are also thought to be doorways, or in-betweens. Some believe that to look in them too long is to come face to face with the dead, because a mirror is like a one way window most of the time, unless you look too hard. And there is the story that if a truly evil person looks in a mirror, they are forced to face their own truths. Ladders are another thing of superstition. To walk beneath an open ladder is to bring bad luck upon your head as well. And cats have many superstitions of their own. Such as a black cat crossing your path can mean bad luck or death. It is also said that black cats are the familiars of witches. But, as a wiccan myself, I can lay this to rest because I do not own a black cat myself. Cats have also been accused of stealing a child’s breath while they sleep, which means to kill them. Cats have so many surrounding superstitions I believe because they have always been slightly aloof and mysterious creatures throughout our history. But there are many good superstitions as well. Such as that of good luck brought by horseshoes, four leaf clovers, rabbits feet and strands of gralic. Though, I personally would not care to wear a strand of garlic. Superstition is all around us at all times. It will always be a part of us as well. But remember, though we call it superstition so that we can dismiss our fears, bare in mind that some part of it is most likely grounded in truth.