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Supermodels – No

Having a dream is what keeps people going. How many young girls aspire to be supermodels? They put on makeup, check their weight frequently, and make sure they don’t consume too many calories. But is this a healthy or even a good aspiration?

Supermodels are put through a series of rigorous challenges. They are under society’s pressure to be role models for young girls and to maintain a thin and beautiful appearance. Religious groups verbally attack them, some obsessed manager is always breathing down their neck, and everyone expects more out of them than should be expected out of any human being. These girls didn’t know what they were getting themselves into initially and even if some of them did, they probably came from a financially or emotionally depraved background and needed whatever money or attention they could get, successfully bypassing the bleakness of a minimum wage job.

To quote one friend of mine who is a professional model “I said to my mother as soon as I graduated high school ‘I’m getting a job and it’s not going to be some crappy minimum wage job!’ and I walked out the door to the local gentleman’s club. Eventually, I was greeted by a man who did photo shoots and that is how I first started out. That’s how many of us have to start out in this industry or the agencies won’t even give our applications a second glance.” She also went on to say “The entertainment industry is the most cold and brutal industry you could ever work in. If you don’t consistently act perfect, they’ll chew you up and spit you out.”

A lot of parents abhor the idea of their daughters parading around on a stage or posing for a photo set half-naked and being solely liked for their physical appearance. It seems shallow and unrealistic to live such a fairy tale. Yet, thousands of young women either by choice or not by choice, do it every day.

Little do these models know what an effect they have on young girls, some of which even develop eating disorders because they want to be “thin and pretty” like the models they look up to, so elegantly displayed on the pages of their favorite teen magazines. They can’t see what is going on behind the scenes of the photo shoot all they can see is the end result, photo shopped to perfection.

If many of these girls knew how difficult it is initially, I think they would have chosen a different career path.