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Stroker and Hoop

The shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late night programming block are mostly made up of long running favorites: Family Guy, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Metalocalypse just to name a few. But, there were also some lesser known, shorter run series. Stroker And Hoop is one of those shows that never quite got its due.

Stroker and Hoop are two semi-bumbling L. A. detectives who are just trying to make a buck. Stroker is your classic 1980s style tough guy. At least, in his own head, that’s who he is. He always tries to get the lady, and act tough, but fails most of the time. Hoop is the good guy. He is naive, and has a goofy voice, but he is not consumed by the selfishness that gets Stroker into so much trouble. As a team, they are less than formidable, but very hilarious to watch.

Stroker and Hoop have some friends in the neighborhood as well. Their car, C.A.R.R. is a talking car, who argues with them often, and is every bit as selfish as the man who drives him. Double Wide is the mechanic who works on C.A.R.R. He is constantly updating the arsenal, and adding all these cool gadgets to make him more of a useful tool. Coroner Rick is their most useful friend, as he is adept at covering up the mistakes that they make.

The cases this duo take on vary widely. In the first episode, they investigate a demonic possession. In other episodes, they investigate murders in the south, mind controllers, and infidelity. Whatever they are taking on, the one thing that is for sure, they will screw it up somehow.

The various plots of the show are great, and the dialogue is generally dry and sarcastic. What really sells the show though, is the voices. Hoop has the most identifiable voice, as it is the classic cartoonish goofy sound. It’s soft, wavering, and he has the tiniest bit of a lisp. All the supporting cast have great voices as well. However, none can compare to Stroker. The voice is classic detective cool, but the delivery and pacing is so perfectly comedic, that it doesn’t matter what he is saying, it’s funny. It also helps that most of his lines are great anyway.

It’s a shame that so few episodes exist, as this is one of the funniest cartoons to air on Adult Swim. Reruns still air from time to time, and are certainly worth a watch.