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Spirituality and Divine Intervention

Many of us think of Divine Intervention as that grand gesture that not only gets our attention but causes us to pause from our daily activities and take action. The car accident averted or survived for reasons our logical brain can’t define, the chance meeting of an old friend, the stranger who appears and helps us when we are in crisis only to disappear. We think of it as chance, fate, destiny, or coincidence. Some of us may even acknowledge the existence of guardian angels or loved ones watching over and guiding us.  However you think of it, there have been many healings and miraculous events billed under Divine Intervention. Yet how often do you look at your day to day activities and see the same?

A master weaver, Divine Intervention is always there to guide us if we choose.  The forms are not always obvious, the Divine speaks to us in many ways: the books we read, songs we sing, movies we watch, jobs we perform, hobbies we pursue and people we meet. Have you ever had the sage words of a stranger lead you down an alternate path, pick you up when you believed kindness and love had evaporated from the world? The stray animal you could not resist taking home only to find years later its love helped to pull you through some of your worst times, brought you joy and hey, maybe a book deal? One small decision can change the trajectory of our life. 

God does not need to make his presence known to be felt.  The divine lives within our higher thoughts. It is the great ideas we have and the collaborations we make when life is flowing smoothly and our touch is golden or when the road is bumpy and all we can do is hold on tight. Divine Intervention could be the idea we try to ignore, nagging us into action or something we leap upon with a knowing that may not be justified by anything other than our passion. It lives in the off-handed comment, the spontaneous gesture. These moments create a magical force that leaves us to ripple onward into the rivers of Life.  One may never know how their path affects another.

Experiencing Divine Intervention is a daily thing if one acts out of love. Ideas spark and catch flame as we feed off of one another. So next time an urge overcomes you to think, speak, or act, it may be God working through you.