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Spiritual Guide to Peace Love and Joy

Peace, Love and joy are the very essence, very core of God. In God’s infinite wisdom, there was the Divine Idea: YOU. You are the Divine Idea: You are peace, love and joy. It is God’s desire for you that you always have these spiritual gifts as a part of your life. As Children of God, these are your divine inheritance. Turning to your Truth as a beloved child of God, deserving all the blessings and grace available to you is the single step towards a life filled with peace and contentment of being, the joy of ones unity with all creation and the Unconditional love of the Mother-Father Creator.

Connecting daily to Spirit is a gentle reminder of your Truth in God. As you allow yourself a few minutes every day to sit quietly, dropping your consciousness from head to heart, in time the relationship to Spirit and all it’s creation moves forward into your awareness. Creating an opening to allow Spirit to move in, through and around you also allows peace, love and joy to make themselves more visible in your life.

In the quiet of meditation and communion with the Supreme Life force peace, love and joy will also be present. Lifting a prayer to the One that this experience remain in you consciousness will allow for the Divine flow of energy to work in your life. It will not be easy. As you begin to consciously chose peace, love and joy in your life, it will be clear something within is not pleased. I like to call this not so little thing: EGO.

Ego can be viewed as an acronym: Edging God Out. Ego will fight for it’s life. It knows that allowing the Divine Energy to manifest as you means it’s time is pretty much up. It will pull out all the stoppers for self preservation, but with peace joy and love as you ultimate goal, it will have no choice but to eventually step aside and allow the flow of Spirit.

Focusing your attention within and opening to the One source of all creation is the path of least resistance to attracting our spiritual gifts back into your world. It is within us that we can connect and remember who we truly are and understand that as children of the Divine all that we desire is ours. Taking the time to go in gratitude to the Ultimate Power of the Universe and to recognize our unity with It and all creation, links us once again to It’s peace, love and all manner of Joy. As we go to the inner place of knowing we are able to release all fears and worries and claim our inheritance.