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Spiritual Awakening Relationships Ego Letting go Spirituality

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Change Relationships

A Spiritual Awakening to the human being is like a cleansing rain to the earth’s atmosphere, it washes away the haziness of doubt, selfishness, and uncertainty to reveal a much clearer vision. This vision is accompanied by a greater sense of optimism, selflessness, and consciousness that is then transmitted through every thought, word, and action of the Awakened individual. A Spiritual Awakening can have a profound impact on relationships because a consciously aware human being chooses to think, say, and do only that which will benefit not hurt or harm another. A Spiritually Awakened person possesses a quiet inner space that enables her to express herself in a way that is conducive with Spirit and free of ego. In the realm of human relationships, the ego has the ability to taint an otherwise good pairing with its selfish ways. Ego is only concerned with what is best for itself. Spirit, on the other hand, takes into account how its thoughts, words, and actions will affect the other person.

Oftentimes a person’s Spiritual Awakening (or enlightenment) is the result of a tragic life experience; the death of a loved one, witnessing and surviving a disaster, or a fatal diagnosis. All of these experiences can have one of two outcomes: the person living through the tragedy either falls deep into the darkness of depression, anger, and fear, or she ascends toward the lightness of acceptance, joy, and hope. The latter, undoubtedly, is the catalyst for Spiritual Awakening. If a relationship is to last, both people involved must make every effort to monitor their thoughts, think before speaking and do unto one another as they would have done to themselves.

Monitor Your Thoughts

If given leeway, the ego-based human mind could tarnish any decent relationship by evoking unnecessary feelings such as jealousy. Emotions like jealousy are signifiers of something deeply embedded in the subconscious mind of the person feeling those feelings rather than a reflection of that person’s partner. The partner, more often than not, has done nothing wrong. It is the person who has not experienced a Spiritual Awakening who allows those unwarranted thoughts to rule their thinking. Even the Spiritually Awakened stumble along their newly enlightened path from time to time, but they are better equipped to regain their footing more swiftly.

Imagine a woman coping with the loss of a parent whose partner has never lost anyone significant in his/her life before. Imagine what she will suffer when her partner fails to comfort her despite the visible pain in her mourning and weeping. Do you think she will still feel as much love for her partner? Or will she turn inward for comfort and leave her partner on the outskirts? Imagine the transformation that will take place in their relationship if her partner finally awakens to her needs by setting aside his own.

Think Before Speaking

An Awakened Spirit looks at the world from a different perspective, one that exhibits the unity that exists between each and every life form. As such, a Spiritually Awakened human being chooses to live life from a place of unconditional love, which is the cornerstone of any sustainable relationship. When a person speaks from a space of unconditional love there is no room for pain or hurting. However, couples who argue and fight unconsciously put themselves at great risk of saying things they might later regret. While physical wounds heal and disappear with time, emotional wounds are everlasting to the person on the receiving end.

If at least one person involved in the relationship has had a Spiritual Awakening, their attention to consciousness will not allow them to spew painful retorts, regardless of the intensity of the disagreement. A couple in this position could seek relationship help to establish a more open line of communication so that both partners can better understand each other. Since every person translates words and actions differently, it can be difficult to find the proper way to express oneself in the midst of a heated argument. This is where consciousness comes into play. The person whose Spirit has been Awakened would rather not do anything or utter a single word until she has thought everything through with her right mind. The “right” mind is the mind clothed in Spirit, not ego.

Do As You Would Have Done

The Bible, along with many other religious texts, proclaim this as perhaps the single most important rule for human interaction: Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. You would not want to be in a relationship with someone who blows up every time you disagree with them. Nor would you want to be in a relationship with someone who accuses you of wrongdoing for no other reason than to satisfy their own ego and insecurities, knowing full well you have done nothing to warrant their allegations. A relationship without a sturdy foundation of trust, honesty, unconditional love, and respect, can not withstand the dangerous rumblings of ego. Ego has no regard for others, its sole concern is to better itself no matter what harm it leaves in its wake. Spirit, however, holds all beings in the highest possible regard.

The old Toltec wisdom in Don Miguel Ruizs book The Four Agreements, epitomizes the Spiritual Awakening with the four main rules: Be Impeccable With Your Word, in other words, say what you mean; Don’t Take Anything Personally because nothing others do is because of you; Don’t Make Assumptions, but rather, have the courage to communicate clearly what you want so there are no misunderstandings, and; Always Do Your Best, though your best may vary depending on your state of mind and spirit, by doing your best you avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

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