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Spirit Photography

As a multi-decade researcher into the paranormal, I have photographed a number of paranormal photos, starting in 1983 with a pic taken of the ceiling showing a horned head coming through.  That same year, I took another photo of a series of pyramids I constructed out of aluminium foil, showing radiant beams coming out of their apexes.  In 1986, my camera snapped a photo of my residential sliding door.  The flash did not go off for some reason.  It became very apparent to me why after I received the developed photo.  The image showed beams of radiant light pouring from a ghostly image of a church, with non-human looking faces flying overhead.  It included a series of skeletal-looking, human ghosts clustered around it-with human-cellular looking objects, connected by wires or lines, draped over their faces.  Each had a distinct human-looking face, including one with glasses.

In 1993, I took a photo of a bathroom mirror.  Upon development, there was a faint, but distinguishable image of a man with a sword and a Star of David beside him.  Other images showed orbs of light hanging in the air-spirit images.  My research into the paranormal also included thirty years of recording spirit voices, which produced thousands of voices claiming to be of the dead, including voices talking about how they died.  Quantum realities, parallel universes, multiverses exist, and have been proven by the complicated scientific theorems of quantum physicists.  In these realms, exists spirits of those who have passed.  The soul, which are just the energies of pure consciousness, ascend to these realities and can be photographed.

It is indeed very possible to capture spirits or ghosts on camera.  Some of these images are obviously moving out of synch with our space-time continuum.  In other words, they are existing in a timeless realm and cannot be perceived because to us they may be moving three, five, ten seconds ahead of us and cannot be distinguished.  The camera, which picks up images at a much quicker speed than the human eye, may be able to at times capture these images-even though they are ahead of our own space-time reality.  This starts to enter the area of quantum physics, in which time and space are viewed differently.

In some ways, we can perceive that through our sleep and dream states.  The mind, our consciousness, exists out of the space-time matrix and is therefore able to access probable futures, through different quantum realities.  We’ve all had precognitive dreams, and like the photographs taken of the dead, can be either captured in our minds and/or through our electronic conveyances.