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Spirit Guides Swan

There is an ancient story about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.   A swan totem will teach you about the power of that beauty but a swan spirit guide will help you find that beauty inside yourself.   Swan as a spirit guide will help you with many different areas of your life and as its name suggests it will guide you to the truth if you but let it. 

We all have a natural beauty and inner grace.  Sometimes this is reflected on the outside and we become what society deems to be beautiful on the outside.  Sometimes we do not but swan will help you see that you are beautiful no matter what you think you look like. There is no truer adage than “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is something that swan will help you realise.  Just as you realise you are beautiful, swan will help you see that everyone else is beautiful as well helping you connect on a more mature and intimate level with the people you wish to connect with.

Once you have connected with someone swan will guide you to a place where you can feel that lifelong loyalty to your mate.  There are many instances in nature where animals will be loyal to their mate until death, from gibbons to angelfish, wolves and swans’, mating for life is just as natural as multiple partners throughout life.  Swan can guide us to a place where we are like them, content and happy with our partner with the realisation that the grass isn’t always greener.

The link between the swan and artistry is an ancient one.  Swans feathers where often used on bards ritual cloaks during the reign of the Celts and they are connected in myth to the muses, the Greek goddesses of inspiration.  There is even the myth of the swan song, the final song that a swan sings when it dies.  We all have the capacity to create great beauty through art and the swan can guide us to this place.  We often feel silly or foolish thinking we have no talent for such a thing, yet just like swan shows us that beauty is universal so swan will show us that the same applies to art. 

The swan is a creature of air and water being at home on both.  These are the mystical realms of intelligence and emotion and it is thought that both are needed before wisdom can be gained.  The wisdom that swan can guide us to can show us how to understand and deal with other people gracefully. 

This graceful wisdom can also help us deal with the emotions around us in everyday life.  Just as the swan can glide through the water effortlessly and leave hardly a ripple behind so to can we glide though life and not leave any negativity behind us.  This negativity could be from how we deal with others emotionally or intellectually.

The swan as a spirit guide has many places it can guide us to.  On our inner journey to understanding and enlightenment the arrival of a swan spirit guide can only mean one thing.  The beginning of our journey towards beauty, grace and understanding.