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Spirit Guides Peacock

If you ever needed proof that humanity and animals are linked in some way then you could do worse than look at Courtship rituals.  Whether it is dances, calls or displays we all try and stand out in some way when it comes to trying to find a partner.  When it comes to courtship displays there is perhaps no bird more extravagant, showier or more beautiful than the peacock.  A peacock spirit guide will show you many things some of which may surprise you.

The most obvious gift that the peacock can guide you to is an understanding of beauty.  There are many types of beauty, certainly more than just outward appearance.  When you first meet the person who you fall in love with, it doesn’t matter what they look like.  You feel that indescribable pull, that feeling that your life would be worse if you were not with that person.  That feeling is beauty on a level that is not easily understood, but the peacock will guide you towards understanding and acceptance of this gift. 

Showmanship and pride is another piece of knowledge that the peacock will guide you towards.  Normally pride can become a bad thing and being showy at the wrong time can make you seem like an idiot.  The peacock will guide you to the knowledge of when to be showy, when to show your talents for the best effect. It’s when you have shown your talents and you know that your talents have made a difference that you can begin to feel pride in your accomplishments.  Peacock will guide you to the wisdom of knowing when to feel pride in what you do and when not to. 

One piece of knowledge that peacock can guide you to, is that of intuition.  The peacock has many eyes during courtship and these eyes see more than just what is physical.   Intuition plays a big part in our lives and when we listen to it we can be guided to knowledge and wisdom that we wouldn’t normally have.  Learning to trust and listen to your intuition takes trust in yourself and can be quite a difficult thing to achieve.  Let your guide nudge you in the right direction though and just like the peacock your eyes will soon be opened.  

A love of the exotic is perhaps the final piece of the puzzle that the peacock represents.  Just as the magnificent blues and greens in the peacock’s feathers give it an exotic, yet beautiful look so to the world around you can look exotic and beautiful if you look at it with new eyes.  Sometimes all it takes is a nudge to go left when you wanted to go right and you can find a spot that can surprise you.  Let the peacock guide you to these spots and get a new appreciation for beauty.

Like all spirit guides the peacock can guide you towards many pieces of wisdom. All it takes is a little patience and a willingness to listen to the wind and you will find that your world may just take a beautiful, exotic and surprising twist that enhances your life.