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Spirit Guides Goat

The spirit guide that is the goat teaches one to be surefooted, independent, to eliminate feelings of guilt, and to understand the energy of nature. The goat teaches agility and to reach for great heights.

The goat teaches those under its protection how to remain on firm, solid ground and never falter. The spirit of the goat helps one to develop confidence and self esteem. This will provide individuals with a strong foundation and lead them to go forth with strength, as they reach toward higher goals.

The goat is well known for being surefooted. This is because of its naturally remarkable skeletal system. The goat can climb even the highest obstacles with the greatest of ease.

When the spirit of the goat appears in one’s life, it may be time to assess the foundation on which one is standing. It may not be as solid as it seems. If the foundation is weak, it is time to move on to a more secure future. If where you are is not working for you, it is time to recognize that a change has to be made. The goat will give one the confidence to do this.

The goat can teach one to turn loose of all the negative and weak excuses and things that are holding them back. It is important to let go of all the things that are hurting ones spiritual and physical being. As a spirit guide the goat can show one that it is not always best to cling to old habits and stay in a stagnant situation. One must move on to grow and expand one’s horizons.  Trying new things can help one grow beyond their wildest dreams.

The goat teaches the importance of abundant nourishment. It is important to always keep the body, the mind and the spirit well fed. As a spirit guide the goat teaches independence and strength. The goat shows individuals how to use their own resources for survival. Trusting in one’s own abilities and intelligence is a big step towards gaining this strength and independence.

Being in tune with nature helps the goat to move forward in life and avoid all the pitfalls that surround it. The goat moves strategically through the difficult terrain of their life with confidence. They can impart this knowledge to the ones that they protect. The goat walks forward with faith in its own abilities.