Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are the teachers of the higher world. They stay with us to shepherd us throughout our life and its many trials, so that we come away from it with a higher understanding and awareness of the world around us. They can accompany us throughout our entire life or just for specific events; they can have once been humans or animals. One thing they always are, though, is good. Spirit guides are good incarnate and can not control, only guide. It is up to us to decide whether to listen to their wisdom and learn.

One special type of spirit guide is an animal guide. These are unique because they have natures quite distinct from that of our own human character. They used different tools and methods in order to survive in life, and are now willing to impart their special knowledge onto us for our own use. Many animal spirit guides exist, but remember that it is not up to you to choose one or the other. If you need one, the animal guide will come to you. One such spirit animal is the bull.

Bulls, just as in life, are beautiful and majestic creatures. They know stamina; they know strength. Basically, they are power personified, and they can teach you all you need to know about standing up in the face of adversity. With a bull as a spirit guide, you can overcome fear and cowardice in order to do what is right.

Another virtue of the bull spirit guide is a strong, unwavering connection with the mother earth. They spent a lifetime ingesting the pureness and wisdom offered by nature, and this bond continues in the higher world. Through the bull comes the incredible stability and resilience of the earth, which will provide astoundingly useful in weathering any trials life may throw at you.

One last characteristic of the bull is steadfast love that lasts through all. This love is greater than that for a partner, for a family, for a friend; this love encompasses all that has ever lived and breathed and existed. This love is completely unconditional, one hundred percent spotless, and has the power to see the good in all that ever was, is, or will be. With this love, even the worst of experiences can reveal truth.

After everything, the successful student of the bull is the person that does not avoid troubles, but endures them, and comes away a better person for it.