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Spells to Attract Love

Carrying a charm to attract love is easy, whether it’s gemstones, herbs, or scented oils. Here are some suggestions.

Stones: For the following stones, first cleanse them by simply leaving them overnight covered in salt, to take the negativity out. Leaving them in direct sunlight for a day does the same thing. Then give them their new purpose by holding them in your hand, and visualize the stone being infused with feelings of love. A good way to do this is imagine the stone surrounded with pink light. Then carry the stones with you, if they are small enough.

-The most well known love attracting gemstone is rose quartz. It is available from a wide variety of places, really anywhere that sells gemstones. Carry it in your pocket with you to attract a mate. Rose quartz is also great for inducing feelings of peace and friendliness.

-Lodestone is well known for having magnetic qualities. For this reason, carry two of them…one to represent you, and one to represent a potential mate. Carry them with you.

-Ordinary rocks found on a riverbed or really anywhere, can be cleansed and charged with love energy, and carried just like gemstones. Look at their shape…finding a roughly heart-shaped stone is common. If not, choose one that appeals to you for any reason, and paint a love symbol on it (such as a heart or appropriate rune).

Herbs: Herbs, sewn up into a piece of cloth, can also be carried. I suggest pink or red fabric. Simply sew the herbs into it, and carry this little sachet with you to attract love. The following herbs are known love-attractors and are very easy to obtain from an herb store or in your garden. Use them alone or in groups of three. (some of these aren’t “herbs”, but rather plants and flowers)

Lavender Daisies
Gardenia Violets
Ginseng Lemon Verbena
Lovage Lemon Balm
Orchid Bleeding Heart
Cloves Rosemary
Venus Flytrap Cinnamon
Rose petals Rose hips

Oils: Blending magickal oils is an art unto itself. So many wonderful scents can be combined to suit your needs. The scent is then worn to attract love (or other goals). Oils can be purchased at health food stores. I recommend using true essential oils, although they cost more than synthetic oils, simply because they have the power of the earth in them and are actually derived from plants or flowers, rather than created in a lab. Here are some for love related goals. These can be worn one at a time, or try blending some together.

Lust attracting oils include: Patchouly, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla.

Emotional Love oils include: Rose, Rosemary, Basil, Jasmine, Palmarosa, and lavender.

*”Lust” oils and “emotional” oils can be combined.

Happy love-finding!