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Something Weird Video Grindhouse as Home Entertainment

Something weird video is an internet website that was started in 1990 by a grindhouse enthusiast named Mike Vraney. You can purchase many films from the website, which are recorded onto a VHS tape when they are ordered. The website was started to give grindhouse film enthusiasts a chance to own movies that had never been released for sale by interested consumers.
Since the start of something weird video, the selection of films that have become available has expanded immensely. Vraney received a phone call from a leader in the grindhouse genre, Dave Friedman, who not only helped Vraney to get his collection of grindhouse going, but he also helped guide him through the industry and even introduced him to some other players in grindhouse who wanted to get back in the business, such as H. G. Lewis and Harry Novak.
Something weird video is a unique website because grindhouse has virtually vanished from the film industry, but there is a substantial fan base for these old and often lewd film. Through Vraney’s website, these films can be purchased by the fans, who would not be able to do so without it and a select few of other sites. For the fans of grindhouse, something weird video is a one stop shop for all of their grindhouse needs.
So what exactly is grindhouse? Grindhouse is a word used to describe a theater that showed B movies, usually as a double feature. These films were too graphic to be shown in a normal cinema, so they only showed in grindhouses. Grindhouse is also the word used to describe the entire genre of these films. Many grindhouses were former burlesque theaters, and led to the term grindhouse because they showed bump and grind dancing in the shows.
In the late 1960s and through the 1970s, many grindhouses were exclusive to pornographic material due to the fact that taboo content, such as explicit sex and violence dominated the genre. In the 1980s, home videos began to take a toll on grindhouses throughout the United States. By 1990, grindhouses were very few and far between, and a few years later, they had vanished completely.
In 2007, the directorial duo of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez resurrected grindhouse films and fans’ interest in it when they released their double-feature film “Grindhouse”. Not only is the film two films in one, as many grindhouses showed them in the past, but they also contain simulated film negative scratches and clipped dialogue, both elements of many grindhouse films of the past. These elements give viewers the feeling that the film’s print is a copy that is battered and worn, much like what were shown in grindhouses of the past.
In the 2007 double feature, one film is directed by Quentin Tarantino and the other is directed by Robert Rodriguez, giving fans a taste of each director’s work while still allowing the directors to create their own film. The two movies are linked together by trailers of fictitious grindhouse films featuring popular grindhouse film elements such as slasher films and sexploitation.