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Slain in the Spirit Real or Imagined

If a person is born without sight, a sighted individual can attempt to describe a cloud or, the color blue for them. Still, no matter how prolific(or poetic) that individual, the one who has been blind (never experiencing sight) will never be able to “see” those concepts adequately through the eyes of one who has had the experience of seeing those things for himself.

It is that way with the “touch” of the Holy Spirit.

The precious presence of God can be explored doctrinally;however, when subjected to a comparative analysis, the beauty and simplicity of any personal experience of being “slain” (as it were) in the Spirit, is ultimately cheapened and, subsequently, destroyed altogether.

I have experienced this enigmatic phenomenon only a few times in the course of my spiritual walk of twenty-some years and it is, by no means, a product of the imagination.

Of course, one could argue that a person could maintain having experienced this visitation without the benefit of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ and in that case, there would quite logically be reason for doubt. Many “unregenerate” individuals who have not (as yet) repented from their sin and received the redemptive work on Calvary’s cross as a gift of grace have been known to have had genuine encounters in this manner. However, there are many more, surely, that have “just imagined” they have “fallen under the power” of the Almighty.

God is God and can do exactly as he pleases to do. And, most generally, does. The word of God illustrates, repeatedly, that Jehovah God “causes it to rain on the just and the unjust”. So, it is safe to say that anybody, – saved (regenerated)or not, can be “slain in the Holy Spirit”. (The term is not one I am fond of, as I don’t believe it adequately describes what actually occurs. But, then, what words could?)

It is also my opinion, that it not be necessary for one to have had the experience of being “baptized with the evidence of tongues” in order to be slain beneath the power. This will be debated among my Pentecostal brothers and sisters, perhaps. Perhaps not. Depending on how long and deep the relationship to God is. (That is another topic entirely.)

The longer I spend time in the scriptures searching and studying, the less I feel I am capable of explanation for things such as being slain in the Spirit. Or, for any other supernatural happenings I may have witnessed or “felt” for myself, personally.

Yes, there is a definite sense of something that comes over the physical body, as well as the mind and emotions. It may be subtle, or it might just be tremendously disarming! God touches each of His own in the way HE chooses. That is what makes God so wonderfully mysterious.

Society hates for a mystery to go unsolved, and so, mankind has long attempted to analyze and uncover the seed of truth regarding this amazing experience.

Is it real or imagined? Why not ask HIM?

…But, I warn you, be prepared for the ride!