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Sins and Gods Laws

God desires to enter in a covenant with His people, like what we know as marriage. He often refers to His people as a bride and just like a bride must be made ready for the groom; His people must be made ready for Him. Through the mirror of the law we see that the bride is full of sin and corruption so the wedding between God and His people cannot take place. The people must be cleansed and made holy before God. Like gold must be purified through fire so God’s people must be purified. Throughout their history, the Israelis go through a series of trials and tribulations. They are conquered and enslaved because of their disobedience. They continually rebel against God’s commandments and suffer for it. They go through a cycle of rebellion, crisis, crying out to God, and being delivered by Him. God describes them as a stubborn and stiff necked people, but He won’t let go. He is steadfast in His faithfulness. He longs for His people to turn to Him, but they will not. He sends them prophets to show them the way, but they kill His prophets. Sin has totally taken their hearts. Though many try to live by His law and declare themselves righteous, God says their sacrifices are an abomination to Him. Their heart is not right with Him. So how can the bride be made clean?

So far, nothing has worked. He personally carried His children out of Egypt with miracles and wonders. The people quickly turned away. Through a seemingly impossible feat, He conquered the Promised Land for them, but they again turned away. He supplied them with prophets, judges, and kings, but the people always went astray. So God makes one final attempt for His peoples’ hearts. He Himself comes down to earth, in the form of a man, leaving His majestic throne to show His glory to His people. He lives a sinless life, full of miracles, and then gives His life as a sacrifice to all who will have it. He suffers for His people and then raises Himself up from the dead, establishing His kingdom and conquering Satan.

We have a way now to overcome sin and the law that mirrors that sin to us. This is why Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the fulfillment of the law.