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Simon Cowell to be a first Time Father

Simon Cowell, formerly of “American Idol” judging fame (and currently appearing as judge on the less successful “X Factor”) has fathered a child. While that alone may be surprising, what is even more stunning is that the mother is the not-even-yet, but hopefully soon-to-be ex-wife of a good friend, Socialite Lauren Silverman.

Not surprisingly, divorce papers have been filed by Lauren‘s husband, listing “adultery” as the reason for the split. Both Andrew and Lauren Silverman were friends of Cowell. According to reports in the British press, Simon Cowell has a reputation for having a Rolodex full of “women [with] whom he has formed any serious attachment [who] were previously the girlfriends of one of his friends or brothers,” according to The Guardian. So it appears that Lauren Silverman, wife of a good friend, was just his type.

Hoping for “space and privacy”

Speaking out for the first time since the news found its way into every celebrity tabloid or news show, Andrew Silverman (Lauren’s husband) noted that his “top priority” is protecting their 7-year-old son, Adam, during the process of separating, according to People magazine. Lauren, for her part, reiterated much the same thing in a separate statement, asking for privacy…of course. Said Lauren, “I would hope for some space and privacy in order to work through this.” Well, good luck with that.

As for Simon Cowell, he played the whole thing more coyly, as one suspects that any publicity accruing because of this situation might trickle over to his show, “The X Factor,” which can only work to his benefit. At a press conference for the upcoming series, which appears in both the UK and US in a matter of weeks, when questioned about his impending fatherhood, noted: “I haven’t read the newspapers. Did I miss anything?”

Simon and the ex-girlfriends

Leave it to one of Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriends to have the best comment about the impending situation.

ed a former fiance of his, “Something has just happened…half miracle, half nightmare!” While Cowell is known for keeping any current gal-pal at arm’s length, he’s quite friendly with the formers, often enjoying their company aboard some “super-yacht, surrounded by a collection of his former lovers,” reports The Guardian. Still, as the newspaper suggests, “his greatest love affair is with himself, of course.”

If anyone has any notion that Cowell will be the “normal parental figure,” The Guardian is quite ready to dispel that idea, reminding everyone that Madonna was happy to confess she had never changed a diaper, and that it would not be beyond the reaches of Simon Cowell to use the details of his impending fatherhood as some sort of “Byzantine plot to boost TV ratings.”

Just what has he gotten himself into?

One would like to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, of course. Yet, it seems that rumors are already circulating that Simon felt “tricked” by Lauren Silverman, who he had assumed was using some sort of birth control, according to the New York Daily News. Apparently, the family of Andrew Silverman were never very impressed with Lauren, as the “Miami-raised party girl was so despised by her cuckolded husband’s family that they skipped the wedding.”

As to suggestions that she is a gold-digger, a friend of Lauren suggested that she already had a nice life and didn’t need what Simon could offer, although she apparently has already asked for a home in the Cotswolds. Instead Mzia Shiman suggested, “She told me she was in love with Simon.” Here’s hoping the feeling is mutual.