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Shugo Chara is about a girl called Amu who goes to Seiyo Elementary, a very shy girl who don’t like showing her “Inner Self”. One night Amu wishes for a ‘would be self’ and the next morning she finds 3 eggs one red, one blue, one green and and tries to keep it as a secret from her parents and friends, which hatch into 3 guardians who help her. their names are, Ran,Miki,Su and they help Amu find her true ‘inner self’.

Amu starts getting more and more troubles as she struggles with her Would be Selves and the Seiyo elementary guardians who find out that Amu has would be selves like they do so the guardians recruit Amu to hunt down x eggs and preventing them from doing any more harm ( other wise called the corrupt from of peoples dreams but people are searching for that one ultimate egg called the Embryo, it can grant any wish any one Desires but in order to find this egg they must make more and more x eggs).


The characters of Shugo Chara are

Amu Ran Miki Su Tadase
Rima Kairi

Later on the series Amu teams up with the guardians and falls in love and keeps being more and more on troubled because of Ran transforming with her and controlling her to do stuff like yell out while in the gym to the person she loves and having all the people of the school look at you (that’s horrible) but she also starts to not rely on her guardians making them feel like they don’t need to be in the world and soon Miki tells Amu that she needs to start believing in them or they will disappear and she will not see them any more ever again. and soon Amu finds out one of the people that is looking for the embryo making x eggs like crazy. and when Amu joins the Guardians she finds out they also have Guardians like she does so she starts making relationships with them and she starts to show more and more of her inner self day after day. Shugo Chara is a ongoing show it has reached episode 50 if you want to watch Shugo Chara i recommend www.WatchAnimeNow.com. o i forgot to mention Amu is a ‘Cool’ ‘spicy’ girl who inside like i said is shy. ( season 2 ) Amu wakes up to find a 4th egg The Diamond Egg and guess what more action! Amu fights Utau and loses and her friend also because the Diamond egg was stolen. later on Rima and Amu are fighting and Rima destroys the egg and makes Amu upset and Rima thinks Amu’s ways are stupid and the next episode there is a competition and one of the competitors gets injured so Rima has to take her place but when a x egg appears Amu chases it out of the field to the front of the school and every one sees but they mistake it as a cheer leading practice and Amu purifies the egg. Well it wont be right if i tell the whole series because it is a show its meant for watching not ruining for others so peace!