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Should there be no Religion

Should there be no religion, well that may seem like an easy answer to some and to others the very thought makes them cringe – looking around for that bolt of lightning to strike them. Religion has been around for centuries in one form or another and has become the moral compass for our souls. Religion or a belief system is integral to our society and it moral being. Even when its twisted to create war and bring misery – religion is the mirror of our hearts.

Think of all the chaos if there was no balancing force of thought or hope. The very thought of something pleasant at the end of our days helps some people live and gives hope when there is nothing left. Take this away and you shatter lives and destroy the moral fabric our society. The life lessons woven into the fabric of religion help paint a picture for young ears and plants seed of morality in their minds. The most important thing that religion nurtures is hope and faith. The aforementioned words are the tennets of most religions and helps builds our confidence – gives us solid ground when we think the whole world is collapsing around us.

Now what would make one think of such a question – that’s the improtant fact here. For me, its simple, it’s when the beauty of religion turns ugly. It’s when religious leaders encourage hate, or archaic treatment of women or children. When it is used like a sword to sow fear and hatred of others. The ugliness of these acts bring this question to bear and the world suffers as whole because of this and the beauty of religion is lost in the mire of war. The fact that we bicker as to which one is better then the other or which one is “the one” – is one of the main reasons why churches are emptying.

The true message of most religion is community and love. Respect for one another, in the hopes that one day war will a forgotten word or that cruelty will disappear into the annals of history. There should always be religion, because it brings cultures together and enhances our spiritual growth. The ugliness of hatred and religious animosity is what should disappear and because of human nature this will never happen. Our society is forever searching for the “right” religion or the “perfect” place in which to worship. But all we really have to do is embrace religion and enjoy the diversity of others – that’s the message that religion telling us.